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How To Be a Savvy Social Media Feminist

Posted by Julieta Chiara on

Social media plays a huge role in my life and business; in fact, it’s how I interact and engage with my audience as a sex blogger, educator, and entrepreneur. I would be lying if I said starting a sex positive account aimed at women was easy. It’s groundbreaking to do something so “daring” in today’s social climate that see’s powerful women as threatening, let alone a confidently sexual one.

So why not whip up a guide to help our sisters out?

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6 Tips To Be A Savvy Social Media Feminist

As a feminist, our media can come in hot for debate: What are you posting? Who are you following? How do you interact with social media? The good news: being a savvy social media feminist is for EVERYONE. No matter if your online mission is entertainment, connection, business, or more, this guide is here for ya.  I’m here to make your social media quest easier, empowering, and confident AF.

1. You Be You On Social Media

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Feminism is about equality of the genders, and in that equality we should highlight the aspect of choice. On social media, you have every right to post about what you want (as long as it follows community guidelines… which can also limit women greatly).

I recommend posting on whatever feels empowering to you: when helping women build their brands, I always recommend they find what they want to bring to society and move forward with that intention. Want to showcase your amazing drawing or art? Educate on body positivity? Show your impeccable singing or yoga skills? Do it, babe. If it’s something you’re passionate about, you deserve full confidence in showing this to the world. The world will thank you.

2. Follow Influencers Who Share Your Values

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The people we follow make a huge difference in the way we see the world. It affects our opinions, our mental health, and ultimately our energy.

Remember, social media is an energy exchange with the people on the screen.

You are giving your time to observe and process loads of content, make sure it’s quality. Just like social media is filled with horrible people, it’s also filled with f**king phenomenal, feminist leaders and influencers who are paving the way for us and our generations to come. 

I recommend going through your follow list, and analyzing their message. What are they giving to the world? What is that person’s message? Does their content align with your values?

My train of thought: Are they a celebrity but they shame or objectify women? Maybe unfollow. Are they a budding account educating people on something important? Keep them around! Are they simply a ray of sunshine giving positive, uplifting messages? Hell yes, they get to stay!

3. Support Your Media Sisters

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My favorite part about social media in the feminist space is the strong, loving internet friends you make along the way. It’s essential to support each other in whatever way that may look: like, comment, share, and collaborate! If one of your babes released a product, share it with your followers. If you want to start a new project, consider collaborating with a insta-sister. The more we support each other, the stronger we can be!

4. Unfollow the ragers and trolls


Powerful women scare people in society, and you will definitely hear it when coming from a feminist voice on social media. The old-fashioned keyboard warriors are like glitter: they call attention, they are everywhere, and they never seem to go away: but you, you’re way above that.

If anyone leaves a snarky comment, says something rude, or routinely causes disturbances: you are not obligated to engage with them. I always say the good ol’ block button and reporting them does wonders. Just as you have the power to listen to people on social media, you also have the power to silence them if they are not respectful. 

5. Engage & educate when appropriate

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Magic happens when we can keep an open mind and be able to respectfully communicate! 

Ever see someone’s statements on social media that aren’t necessarily true? In my feminist quest, I have made it my mission to keep checks and balances on socials, inviting people for friendly debate in order to educate. It’s very important that we use our voices to set the record straight, and support each other. Even better, there are moments where we too can learn more. 

Social climate can be turbulent not only because of the people that participate in it, but usually because there is a lack of education. While engaging in conflict isn’t ideal, you can still have a productive, educational, and respectful debate through social media platforms. If someone has different or uneducated statements/views: consider starting a friendly discourse. This can be a comment, DM, or reach out to share your point of view or points of education that may help them understand a subject better. 

I recommend engaging in friendly debate, and usually prefer the DM versus the comment section. If at any point a comment or DM is met with disrespect, it may be a good time to exit the convo. You’ll find that the best kind of people are the ones that share space to hear your voice, even if they don’t agree with it. I recommend reading “When Her Empowerment Doesn’t Empower Me” on BWTP Blog to better learn how to support each other and still respect our personal boundaries. 

6. Own your power

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Lovability's brand’s mission is simple: own your power! The world wouldn’t be a powerful place if we didn’t have powerful people courageous enough to speak their truth. Especially as a feminist, your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and experiences can move mountains when it comes to making change for the better. Being your most authentic self, don’t be afraid to connect with your social media audience by sharing your story; your mission. Whether you use your words for things like political change, or wake up everyday to give those around you inspiration: your voice matters. 

Use media to empower yourself, and empower each other. We are a gifted generation to have such a powerful tool in our hands, and even more powerful women to run with it. You got this, Lova Babe!

About The Author
Julieta Chiara is a sex-positive blogger and social media specialist, with a primary focus around female sexuality, empowerment, and normalization of sex education. She works with dozens of brands to write blogs and product reviews, create content, and raise awareness. You can find her on Instagram @julietachiara or her blog @ julietachiara.com.

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