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Our Senses & Arousal: The Power Of Touch

Posted by Babe With The Power on

Touch isn’t just a sense. It’s also a very common and needed love language. The way we touch and receive touch are infinitely important in our romantic relationships, and even more so in our sexual ones.

When you think about the touch that satisfies you, what do you need? Do you need cuddles, kissing, massaging, and more? When having sex, are you receiving the touch you need to be fully turned on? Where do you like to get the most attention? 

Touch is one of the most important senses to building arousal

5 Tips To Master The Power of Touch

Not all who are romantically or sexually involved are utilizing touch to the best of their abilities. Here's are our recommended 5 tips to master the power of touch to build arousal and heighten intimacy: 

Erogenous Zones

When we first think of touch, many of us automatically assume we must touch the genitals. WRONG, babe. The entire body is a playground of sensitive, erotic spots we can target called the Erogenous Zones. A few of the common erogenous zones are the buttocks, nipples, the clit, prostate, G-Spot, and even the mouth, but some of the unsung heroes are the wrists, back of knees, feet, neck, inner thighs, and more.

Here are four ways we can intentionally maximize our touch and give our partners (and ourselves) blissful experiences to experience and enjoy the power of touch.


A massage – erotic or otherwise – is one of the easiest ways to give touch to your partner. Not only is it intimate, but it can be relaxing, relieving, and incredibly sexy. Suffer a long work day? Have a sore spot? Massage the tension away, lova babe.

Giving a massage to your partner is one of the best ways to explore touch and get intimate with your partner.

Another idea to explore the power of touch is to give (and receive!) an erotic or sensual massage – without it necessarily having to end in sex or even an orgasm. Instead, focus only on building your and your partner’s arousal. Turn down the lights, generously introduce massage oil, tease around the edges, nibble a little, get a bit naked as you go along, and explore your partner’s body. The point here is to enjoy the ride, get to know your partner, and build intimacy. And if/when you’re ready to transition, start working your magic on their magic parts.

Mutual Masturbation

Having the magic touch doesn’t always come naturally, so it’s best for our partners to show us. If you want to pleasure your partner just right, have them show you how they like to be touched (and show them the same). While informative, it’s also hot AF. 

Pleasure Tools: Sex Toys

Our experience of touch can be greatly altered by the tools we use. If you’ve been doing the same old same old with yourself or your partner, consider adding in a pleasure tool. 

Sex toys are a great way to add touch to your relationship

Pleasure tools, or sex toys, come with a myriad of functions to help you explore your touch to the max. Try a vibrator to feel new sensations on your genitals or nipples. Introduce a cold, metal toy to play with some temperature play all over the body. Gently warm up your lube before using it for a warm, wet embrace. 

Take a Bath Together

"Double Your Pleasure With A Bath...Together" - Homer & Marge Simpson

Want something super intimate? Sit together in the bath and enjoy the steady, direct stream of water from our WaterSlyde for cascading bliss right on your vulva. Often said to mimic the feeling of oral sex, couples love using the bathtub technique to warm up before play, or to simply watch their partner enjoy all the pleasure they can get. If your partner is sitting behind you, have them massage your neck, breasts, and arms as you receive the WaterSlyde in all its glory. It'll be the most fun - and pleasure - you've ever had in the bath.

Pro Tip: have your partner use a massage candle to set the mood and moisturize your skin.

Get A Feel, Babe

If you aren’t feeling the feels by now, invest in the power of touch! Touch is important for pleasure, intimacy, & relaxation…plus it’s hot AF!

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