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Babe With The Power (BWTP) podcast showcases and promotes amazing, empowered individuals who are pushing boundaries, breaking stigmas, and challenging existing norms. Hosted by Maureen Pollack, President of Lovability and Inventor of The WaterSlyde, BWTP explores their incredible journeys and lessons learned to inspire each of us to live life to its fullest. Because at Lovability, we believe EVERYONE has the ability to own their power. Pssttt...that includes you babe! 


Maureen is an award winning sex toy creator, business owner, mom, wife, politician, athlete, and modern orthodox jew (what a title, right?). The Babe with the Power Podcast is inspired by Maureen’s fascinating life, coming across interesting people, convos, and hot topics that are revolutionizing the way we think of women’s empowerment, sex, and pleasure. Being told often that people wish they could be a “fly on the wall” for these convos, here is your chance!

Everyone has their own story and their own superpower. Maureen aims to help her listeners and guests own their power.

 Own Your Power, Babe!