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The Perfect Bundle To Get You Wetter Than Wet ... In And Out Of The Bath!


The WaterSlyde is a revolutionary patented water diverter that easily attaches to a bathtub faucet to convert your bathtub into a sex toy! Available in four colors - Pink PleasureAqua Maureen, Va-Va-Violet,  and Eco-Ebony - and made from 100% recycled, medical grade plastic! Each WaterSlyde comes with its very own Happy Sock to dry it off and keep it safely tucked away.

Made from a special blend of high-quality, clean and natural ingredients, our invigorating Bomb Balm Arousal Balm is designed to awaken, enhance and stimulate your most sensual desires and experiences. 

Our interactive ThreePlay Massage Candle in Smolder scentis a downright sexy mood-setting candle, sensual massage oil and luxurious moisturizer designed to turn you on.

Whether soaking in the tub or after your bath or shower, our Lovability microfiber hair towel is just what you need to quickly dry your hair and look totally fab while doing it.


  • Set Your Intention - Spray aphrodisiac Moregasm Mist on to your skin and into the tub as a sensory reminder to relax and prioritize your pleasure. If your partner is waiting for you in the bedroom, we suggest spraying a little extra on the bedsheets, too!
  • Stay Dry While Getting Wet - Wrap your hair with the micro fiber Lovability Hair Towel to either keep your hair dry while you're getting wet, or use it at the end of your sesh to wick the moisture away. 
  • Add A Little Tingling - Rub a finger over the surface of the balm and apply to the clitoris, vulva, anus, nipples, neck, thighs and more — pretty much any spot that turns you on.
  • Start Your Bath - Attach the WaterSlyde and turn on the faucet to desired temperature & pressure.
  • Sit Back And Enjoy - Position yourself in the tub, and lay back to enjoy that rumbling of water over your vulva. 
  • Never Enough Lube - Whether you need it or just want it, keep the HALLELUBEYAH close by for some extra slide. 

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