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Because You're A Babe With The Power 

And you want to be in total control of your life and your body.

Does your college checklist have you proudly prepared for safe(r) sex?

Our Ultimate College Students' Guide To Safe(r) Sex šŸ‘‡ will get you proudly prepared for all the sex things you need to know before heading off to college! 

Take Charge Of Your Sexual Health, Babe!

Lean into your sexual health every day and assert power over your pleasure.

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3 ultra-thin, easy-open Buttercup Condoms in a stylish, empowering tin

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12 Condom Refill Pack

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12 Buttercup Condoms made with 100% natural vegan latex

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30 Condom Refill Pack

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30 Buttercup Condoms each in its own always-right-side-up, no-tear wrapper

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Power & Pleasure Pack

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Our dynamic duo of natural latex condoms and organic aloe lube for your protection and pleasure.

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