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How To Use The WaterSlyde

Bath Time Never Felt Soooo Good!

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WaterSlyde® Aquatic Stimulator - LovabilityThe WaterSlyde Aquatic Stimulator - Lovability

Pink Pleasure

$ 35.00

Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your WaterSlyde

Set the stage.

Like all good playdates, create the vibe first.

  • Set your intentions and make the space beautiful
  • Dim the lights (or turn them off entirely)
  • Light a scented candle or use essential oils in an oil diffuser
  • Put on a sexy audiobook or a sultry playlist
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine

Attach to your faucet.

2 Easy Options: a self-gripping ribbon or a custom velcro strap.

How to attach The WaterSlyde

  1. Weave the ribbon or strap through the 2 slots at the top of the Slyde
  2. Hold the Slyde in place under the faucet and fasten
  3. Loosen or tighten the attachment to find your preferred angle of water flow
  4. Pick the attachment that works best for you!

Get comfortable.

No more bathtub yoga!

Before the invention of the WaterSlyde, "bathturbation" required a degree of pretzel-ing to get positioned just right spot under the faucet.

Tik Tok comment on the WaterSlyde: "You're telling me I don't need to break my back and get my legs stuck up on the wall no more????"

The WaterSlyde solves for that problem by keeping you comfortably positioned while that amazing rhythmic flow of water is directed to the midline of the tub - right where it counts!

Play with the water pressure & temperature.

The sensory-play combinations are endless

  • Fiddle with the faucet knob(s) to adjust the strength of the flow and the temperature of the water
  • Turn up the flow to increase the rumbling pressure, or turn it down for a more pinpoint, tease-like percussion feeling (think air pulse)
  • Wanna kick it up a notch? Try changing the temperature!
  • Listen to your body! You may be surprised by how it responds - and what it craves!

Do it with a partner.

Water masturbation isn't just for singles.

The WaterSlyde can help create the most sensual, erotic date night, with 3 great options for some seriously steamy foreplay:

  1. SIT: Your partner sits behind you in the tub while the WaterSlyde goes down on you. That's MÉNAGE À TROIS WITH THE WAT-AH!
  2. WATCH: Your partner watches you from outside the tub. Nothing better (or more beautiful) than watching your partner enjoying pleasure.
  3. ANTICIPATE: Your partner waits for you in the bedroom to emerge from the bath FULLY aroused and ready to play!

Until next time.

A Happy Sock to clean & store your fav toy.

Every WaterSlyde now comes with its very own Happy Sock. Made of soft coral fleece, use it to dry off your WaterSlyde and then tuck it discreetly away.  The Happy Sock also comes with a handy nylon loop  to hang it behind your bathroom door.

Have More Fun In The Bath!

For sound, click on the volume 👇

For sound, click on the volume button 👆

Maureen Pollack explains why she invented the WaterSlyde, the TikTok-famous product that easily turns your bathtub into your favorite sex toy!

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