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The Girls Who Get It: 17 Hysterical Comments From The WaterSlyde's Latest Viral TikTok

Posted by Emily Blackwood on

Masturbation and shame—unfortunately—go hand-in-hand. For years, women were silent about their self-pleasure out of fear of social stigma and even violence. Thankfully, the narrative is shifting. Women all across the globe are embracing their sexuality and being more vocal about what they like in bed. 


Nowhere is this more evident than in the comment section of our latest viral TikTok featuring the revolutionary, patented sex toy, the WaterSlyde. This simple yet powerful device attaches to your bathtub faucet to deliver a hypnotic flow of water right where you want it.


The WaterSlyde is a TikTok sensation for a reasonwith over 25 million views and 16 thousand comments, it's clear that bathtub masturbation is hitting all the right spots. From relatable one-liners to smart observations, here are 17 comments that left us in stitches. 

#1: Bathtub Club Is Real

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "The first rule of bathtub club is you don't talk about bathtub club"

It’s like Fight Club, only with less Brad Pitt and more toe-curling.  

#2: Multi-Purpose

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "OMG Polly Pocket water slide"

It’s your WaterSlyde, so do whatever you want. Personally, I’d "water my tulips" before sending my Polly Pockets downstream.

#3: Unspoken Bathtub Faucet Trick

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "Crazy how we all came across the bathtub faucet trick as teens...but nobody ever spoke of it."

Can you imagine how much better (and less dirty) we’d all have felt if we had the “faucet talk” back then?!

#4: Bathtime Hack

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "Not me thinking this was an easier way to rinse my kids hair."

Hey—whatever gets those kids clean, right?

#5: Barbie's Dream House

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "When I was younger I so would've used that as a water slide for my barbie's."

And we’re sure Barbie would have LOVED it. 

#6: Oh, The Algorithm

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "I haven't had a moment of peace ever since I downloaded this app."

We feel you girl. But trust us, the WaterSlyde will leave you feeling more peaceful than any bath you’ve ever taken.

#7: Accidental Cold Plunge

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "When the water starts getting cold...but you ain't done yet."

OMG, there is literally nothing worse. 

#8: Plenty of Pressure

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "I'd need to install this on a fire hydrant."

May or may not have spit out my drink over this one. We feel you, babe - everybody has different wants and needs. Luckily, the water pressure is totally up to your control. Just turn the dial to whatever level you like. 

#9: Do Not Disturb

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "Anybody else make sure that door was locked like our life depended on it?"

I still feel the panic that would take over my body if I heard the door handle jiggle. 

#10. No More Bathtub Origami

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "You're telling me i don't need to break my back and get my legs stuck on the wall no more????"

Oh, the things we all do to feel good (yes, we're talking to you, Samantha). Now you can lay comfortably in the tub, enjoy fauceting without the gymnastics (or near drowning), and experience that deep, mind-blowing O only a water orgasm can deliver. "Problem" solved!

#11: Worth The Shrivel

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "Coworkers be like...'why you walking funny?' you: 'I took 12 baths this weekend."

Who says you have to limit bath time to once a week? 

#12: Catching Feelings

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "My very first true love."

Raise your hand if the most sexually fulfilling relationship you had as a teen was with your faucet. 

#13: What Are You Doing In There?!

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "husband: 'GD the water been running for an hour. Why ain't that effing tub full yet?'"

Honestly, it’s none of his business. 

#14: Whatever It Takes (Literally)

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "I was mounted to the side of the pool like a tree frog."

Nothing to see here—just an innocent game of mermaids 😅. 

#15: And Worth Every Penny

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "My water bill would be 6000 a month."

We are not responsible for pruney fingers or an elevated water bill. Besides, we like to think of it as not wasting 💦 but putting it to good use. 😉  And if you like a bath, ya gotta fill the 🛀 anyway, right? 

#16: The Not-So-Secret Secret

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "I always thought i was a fucking weirdo until i came to these comments and found myself among friends."

That feeling when you realize you’re not alone 💓. 

#17: Do You Get It?

WaterSlyde TikTok comments - "The girls who get it get it."

And if you don’t, don’t worry. The WaterSlyde is here to introduce you to the wonderful world of bathtub masturbation.

What Is The WaterSlyde?

So what is this magical bathtime companion, and how does it work? In its essence, The WaterSlyde is a water diverter that attaches to just about any faucet and directs a powerful flow of water to the midline of your bathtub—A.K.A., right where it counts.

The WaterSlyde is amazing for its simplicity and experience - man clapping

Rather than getting into a near-headstand to obtain the perfect under-faucet angle, let WaterSlyde do all the work. Simply attach it, adjust the water to your preferred temperature and pressure, and enjoy all the pleasure you can handle. Its hands-free design makes it disability-friendly, not to mention that masturbating with water is one of the safest (and cleanest) methods out there. Period pleasure, anyone?


Beyond the obvious physical benefits, the WaterSlyde also comes with a myriad of other perks. It's designed to be completely body-safe and is made from non-toxic, medical-grade, high-pressure polystyrene. We even recently debuted our Eco-Ebony WaterSlyde, which is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. That makes it good not only good for you but for Mother Nature, too.


So whether you're looking for a trusty sex toy to add to your repertoire or simply want a more enjoyable bath time routine, the WaterSlyde is here to save the day. Grab one for yourself, and thank us later.

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Emily Blackwood is a freelance journalist committed to answering the plaguing question of what makes us truly happy. Turns out, it's a lot. Her work has been published in SELF, HuffPost, and YourTango. You can learn more here.




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