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Why Masturbate With Water

Posted by Maureen Pollack on

Remember when you were young and discovered that your showerhead or running bathwater felt way too good? You discovered water play and how to masturbate with water, babe. 

Water play may be one of the original staples in exploring our masturbation journeys, but it is one of the lost arts as we age. While I am a lover of pleasure products, I always held a soft spot for water play.

With so many benefits, here’s why water play is one of the best masturbation techniques for women and why you, too, should masturbate with water…

What Does Water Masturbation Feel Like?

There’s something so incredibly unique about the feeling – and experience – of water rushing over your vulva. Unlike traditional sex toys, masturbating with water methods like the bathtub technique offers hands-free bliss, babe. Turn on the water, lay back, and lose yourself in your fantasies and pleasure as the water rushes onto you!

Water is wild. It flows how it wants, moves how it wants, and gives you an entirely new take on sensations – similar to oral sex. While I’ve tried PLENTY of sex toys that claim to mimic oral sex, they just weren’t what I was looking for. The (usually) hard flickering and buzzing just don’t cut it for this girl. Water play, however, is my jam. This gentle yet intense form of stimulation comes as a warmth, wetness, and rhythmic sensation that many users of our TikTok famous WaterSlyde confide (with a smile) was “the best oral sex I’ve ever had.”

Water For The Cleanest Orgasm

Woman freaked out, per SNL on HULU

What if we told you we can give you the cleanest orgasms? While some sex toys are body safe and made of the absolute highest grade material, they aren’t always hygienic. Whether they are hard to sterilize or we don’t wash them well, they can harbor dangerous bacterias that can irritate vulvas and vaginas.

We love our WaterSlyde since water is the cleanest orgasm you will ever have. There is zero contact with your hands or any other products, and water is harmless. Not only is it a plus for those sensitive to certain materials, but it’s a great way to freshen up!

While taking time to masturbate with water can stimulate us, it can also give us the quick, refreshing burst we want. Think post-gym, during your menstrual cycle, or before getting it on. I mean, if it only felt this good to wash the dishes, my sink would be clean AF!

A Safe Space To Explore And Enjoy Your Body

The WaterSlyde comes with its own Happy Sock storage bag.

Half the hassle of having a sex toy or pleasure product is sometimes feeling like you need to hide it from your parents, children, roommate, guests, or whoever may walk past your nightstand. The bathroom is your sacred and discreet space where your privacy is respected. And if you're using the WaterSlyde to more comfortably lay back and enjoy faucet masturbation, it doesn’t look or sound like a sex toy – it’s just a part of your everyday bath routine!

Do you hide your shower head? Nope. With its very own Happy Sock storage bag, the benign WaterSlyde easily and discreetly can be stored away as needed.

What's Different About Water Masturbation?

Water play may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie when it comes to exploring your pleasure and sensations. Stuck in a rut masturbating with the same toy, position, or routine with yourself or your partner? Masturbate with water and let the water take you on an experience. Indulge in slow pleasure for the opportunity to enjoy a longer, deeper kind of orgasm.

And, NO, waterplay or any other toys are not a substitute to your partner! We like to think of them as a lovely, intimate addition to foreplay. Play in the tub together, or warm up for your partner — it's the perfect bathroom-to-bedroom activity.

WaterSlyde review: Not Your Typical Toy. The WaterSlyde allows you to experience a difference sensation compared to a vibrator! Water play allows for an intense build-up and can be great for foreplay with a partner before sex.

Sex Toys For People With Disability Or Trauma

Inclusivity was paramount to me when designing the WaterSlyde, as I wanted to make water play and masturbation available to all and create the world's most disability-friendly sex toy. I’m overwhelmed by the response and love from folks who have a disability as well as those who have experienced physical and/or psychological traumas. Sexual stimulation can be hard to attain, scary, and new; but when you masturbate with water, you receive a gentle reintroduction to sensation and pleasure on your own terms.

Here is an anonymous review Lovability received from a WaterSlyde user, a transgender woman who’d had gender-affirming surgery and was struggling with rediscovering pleasure.

“My surgeon did not have a lot of experience and left my clitoris permanently damaged. It’s been about four years since my surgery, and stimulation can still be painful. I’ve been desperate to find a way to masturbate comfortably and I found an online article about masturbating with water. I tried using the running water in the bathtub and it felt amazing. I received the pressure I needed with the light touch of water. So I began looking for ways to make it even better, and that’s when I found your product! Thank you for making this product. From the bottom of my heart and for women like me, those who have had their genitals damaged via surgery or other means.”

Rainey of @sexplained.med shared her thoughts about how water play can help victims of sexual trauma.

“A lot of victims of sexual trauma really struggle with getting into a sexual headspace. It can be really really hard to relearn that sexual behavior. The WaterSlyde has been reported to be very helpful to victims of sexual trauma to get readjusted to the sensation of the clitoris, vulva, and genital arousal in general.”

Why Masturbate With Water?

WaterSlyde - Bath time never felt so good!

Water play is the gift that keeps on giving! My love for water play led me to invent the WaterSlyde, an idea I had at 15 years old. I thought “How do I make classic water play accessible, enjoyable, and a full, self-care experience?” With guidance from my creativity, inspiration from my gyno, and the approval of my rabbi (yeah, I consulted my rabbi), I invented a pleasure product that uses water!

I invite you to explore water play, and use the WaterSlyde for a unique, pleasure ride of your own! For tips on how to enjoy the WaterSlyde to its absolute fullest, check out our blog Pleasure Revolution: The Bathtub Technique Is Back…And Better Than Ever!

About The Author

Inventor of The WaterSlyde, a revolutionary, patented feminine hygiene device / stimulator, and co-owner of Lovability, Maureen Pollack (@maureen.pollack) believes in removing the stigma surrounding sexual health and personal hygiene. She is also an intimacy coach, helping empower women in all stages of life to embrace intimacy through coaching and lifestyle products. A book and feature film about Maureen’s journey as a “mompreneur” are currently in pre-production.


Medical Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended for educational and informative purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical or professional advice. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional.

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