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Meet the team for Lovability

Brought together by a desire to empower and make a difference in the lives of women everywhere, as well as break down stigmas surrounding sexual health and wellness, Lovability’s co-owners each bring some serious know-how and industry chops.

After uniting Lovability’s vibrant community with the innovative WaterSlyde (more on that later 😉), the duo introduced a pioneering brand designed to be a safe, inclusive, judgement-free space that encourages women to harness their power through sexual self-exploration.

And while these Sex-kateers don’t take themselves too seriously, they absolutely take what they do seriously, and are here to spread a whole lotta Lovability in the process. 


Pleasure queen

Maureen Pollack, Co-Founder of Lovability & Inventor of The WaterSlyde

As inventor of The WaterSlyde — a patented aquatic stimulator, feminine hygiene product — Maureen knows a thing or two about owning your sexual power, and believes that all women deserve to feel confident and comfortable in the most intimate of moments. Through her work as a subject matter expert, intimacy coach and international keynote speaker, Maureen’s mission is to remove the stigma around sexual health and personal hygiene, empowering women of all ages to own their unique beauty and expressions of self-love. 

Lovability is her way of helping others take charge of their sexual health and happiness.

To me, lovability means ... 

“The definition of lovability means 'one's ability to love and be loved,' and, for me, that ability is infinite. Lovability should represent something that is safe and fun for everyone. A place where we can all be part of a sexual health revolution."



John Paul Basile, Co-Founder & COO of Lovability

With an extensive career as a global marketing, sales and operations strategist for some of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment, John Paul has always fought for the inclusion of women through hiring, career-building opportunities, and access to youth development programs.

JP is a staunch feminist whose actions and desire for a more equitable world are spirited by his two teenage daughters. Through his daughters’ experiences, the proud girl dad has witnessed what it means to be a woman today — the daily sacrifices, challenges, and plain ol’ B.S. they have to endure — and has tried to instill in his two girls a strong sense of self and confidence from an early age. 

Lovability is his way of empowering the most important ladies in his life.

To me, lovability means ... 

“Acceptance, confidence, power, pride. I’ve learned over the years that self-love is the most important love of all. You can’t make someone love themselves, but we can try to offer a place where people feel accepted for who they are, and are empowered to be the best version of themselves.”

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, 

Medical Advisor

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, Medical Advisor at Lovability

An OB-GYN since 1999 and the co-creator of Tribe Called V, an online women’s health platform, Dr. Shieva Ghofrany strives to help people eliminate their health and wellness fears. As someone who has endured her fair share of health-related challenges, Shieva harnesses her personal and professional experiences to calmly guide women in their quest to better understand their bodies.

A proponent of being “proactive not paranoid,” Shieva shares her knowledge on a global scale with her 35+K Instagram followers and is regularly consulted and quoted in online publications, including Self, Huffington Post, and MindBodyGreen. Her goal is to highlight health challenges women face and encourage the mindset shift needed to love their bodies.  

Lovability is her way of normalizing and celebrating women’s health.

To me, lovability means ... 

"Recognizing that self-pleasure is a beautiful, normal, and important part of our lives that helps us evolve into the fully realized humans we are able to be — to feel more bonded to each other and, ultimately, more content."


Strategic advisor

Deb Luster, Strategic Advisor at Lovability

Deborah Luster has been in the natural product industry since 1990 when she was on the founding team and the first president of Annie’s Homegrown. You know, the mac and cheese/snack brand with an adorable little bunny on the box that’s now a $1 billion company owned by General Mills. Ya … that Annie’s. She’s helped launch dozens of mission-based companies and product lines in food, packaging, and publishing; is the co-founder of True Purpose Brands (cleaning products that are safe and sustainable) and Churchill Brands; and is on the founding team and Chief Impact Officer of Goodles (delicious mac and cheese from Gooder Foods). 


A believer in leading with thoughtfulness and kindness, Deb never loses sight of her purpose and impact in her efforts of moving towards a more sustainable world. 

Lovability is her way to thoughtfully affecting positive and sustainable change in sexual wellness.

To me, lovability means ... 

“The commitment to women and their independence while empowering and inspiring women to step into personal freedom and happiness.”

What does lovability mean to you?

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