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How Effective Are Condoms With Spermicide

Posted by Devin Wilde on

Spermicide is a form of birth control that has chemicals which prevent pregnancy by killing the sperm to stop them from fertilizing an egg. Nonoxynol-9, the only available spermicide in the United States, is N-9. It is available in a variety of forms, including a cream, foam, jelly, tablet or cream. You can either use spermicide alone or in combination with other methods. 

Spermicide is reported to be 72% effective at stopping pregnancy from occurring.

Unfortunately, it does come with some side effects. Namely, it can lead to UTI’s and STD’s due to potentially irritating the vagina and leading to germs more easily entering the body.

When using this in conjunction with a condom, the effectiveness increases as condoms typically protect you from STD’s.

What is a spermicide condom?

A spermicide condom is one that is coated with Nonoxynol-9.

 Do condoms have spermicide?

Many condoms nowadays, especially the best brands, do not contain spermicide condoms. Lovability for example ensures all our condoms are free from nasty, irritating chemicals and spermicide.

What is the best way to use spermicide?

Spermicide condoms can be used just like any other condom. The exact directions for foams, jellies and films will vary depending on the type of condom you use.

Of course, you don’t need it just on condoms. You can for example use a paper-thin vaginal contraceptive film. Place it on your Vagina near the top of the Cervix, and the film will dissolve in seconds. This way will work for between 1 and 3 hours.

After inserting the film, you must wait at least 15 mins before engaging in sex, and you must also use a different film for each intercourse.

Different spermicides might require different timing and steps. You should always follow the instructions on the package. In general, most types tell you to:

  • Inject the spermicide into your vagina.
  • You should wait 10-15 minutes before you start sex.
  • Do not wait longer than 30-60 minutes before you have sex.

What are the advantages of spermicides?

There are many advantages to using spermicide condoms for contraception.

  • Affordable. Spermicide condoms are an affordable way to protect from pregnancy and STIs.
  • These condoms are not prescribed. You can buy spermicide condoms in pharmacies and grocery stores.
  • Effective. When used correctly and consistently, spermicide condoms can be an effective method of birth control.

What are the disadvantages of spermicide?

There are also many disadvantages to using a spermicide.

  • More expensive than other forms of condom
  • Shorter shelf life
  • They provide minimal protection from STDs, and insertion may be uncomfortable for some couples because it can cause vaginal irritation. 
  • Spermicide condoms may increase HIV transmission
  • Other side effects like allergic reactions or pain with use as well.
  • Effectiveness lasts less than an hour after intercourse has taken place, which means you could still get pregnant.

Things to Consider Using Spermicides

Spermicides could kill sperm, and they are available in the form of cream, jelly suppository, film, and foam. Spermicides, when used alone, are not reliable contraceptives. However, when combined with condoms, they naturally become more effective in preventing pregnancy.

You should carefully read the instructions on the package. Some spermicide products may require that the couple wait at least 10 minutes after inserting the product before having sex. A single dose of spermicide will usually last for one hour. In addition, spermicide is required for repeated intercourse. The spermicide must be left in place for a period of time. Some suggest 6-8 hours after intercourse to kill sperm although check specific instructions. During this period, the woman must not shower or wash her vagina.

Other birth control options

Many doctors will not recommend spermicide condoms over regular condoms because of their harmful side effects. You can try another brand if you have any side effects from spermicide condoms, and you can also use another form of protection and birth control.

A condom that does not contain spermicide is the best option. Female birth control pills can be more effective at preventing pregnancy ( 91%) if used correctly, but they do not prevent STIs.

There are also other options:

  • IUDs
  • Birth Control Implant
  • Birth Control Shot

These are less effective but still more efficient than riding bareback:

  • Birth Control Vaginal Ring
  • Birth Control Patch
  • Birth Control Pill
  • Male Condom
  • Female Condom (Internal)
  • Diaphragm
  • Birth Control Sponge
  • Spermicide & Gel
  • Cervical Cap
  • Fertility Awareness (FAMs)
  • Withdrawal (Pull Out Method)

This is why we always come back to the trusted male condom. This is especially important for protecting against STI’s. 

Where can I buy spermicide?

For cervical shields and caps, you will need a prescription from your doctor. Other products that contain spermicide can be purchased at most pharmacies and supermarkets without a prescription. Pay attention to the instructions on the packaging.

Do condoms have spermicide inside or outside?

The best way to prevent STD’s is by using a condom. Spermicide is typically coated on the outside of condoms. The ideal material for protection against STDs is latex or polyurethane.

Which condoms do not contain spermicide?

Women want sex without the worry of getting pregnant, so there is a condom for every occasion. Our Buttercup Condoms are made exclusively with women in mind, and we leave out spermicides so 100% natural, vegan latex.

Are non-spermicidal condoms safe?

Non-spermicidal condoms are a great way to prevent pregnancy and in many ways, safer than spermicide condoms and preventing health issues!

Why are spermicide condoms bad?

  1. It is typically more expensive than other types.
  2. Sperm-based lubricants can break down quicker over time, so people often use oil as well to keep them going.
  3. This adds high cost and weight, making you question whether it's worth it compared with regular latex products (also known for effectiveness).
  4. If someone has an allergic reaction or gets irritated by it, there is no point in using one!

Does condom lube kill sperm?

If you are in a relationship and both partners are STD-free, using condoms can help limit your chances of catching STDs. One way to do this is by ensuring there is enough lube on hand when going about sex with someone new. If one partner has an active infection, they could pass along their virus if they do not take care such as being clean and washing themselves properly!

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