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Erogenous Zones 101

Posted by Darcy Rae on

Who else is guilty for wanting instant gratification out of sexual encounters? The truth is, foreplay is often woefully rushed when there are so many places to explore that could excite you and your partner! It’s so important to remember that penetration isn’t necessary to enjoy pleasure, or to experience an orgasm.

Understanding our erogenous zones is a great way to get to know your body and and your partner’s body – and to own your pleasure.

What Are Erogenous Zones?

Erogenous zones are those parts of your body – a man’s or a woman’s – which have a heightened sensitivity. ‘Eros’ comes from Greek meaning ‘love’ and ‘genes’ mean ‘born’. Simply, these are your love-producing zones, Lova Babe!

Image with Erogenous zones etymology. ‘Eros’ comes from Greek meaning ‘love’ and ‘genes’ mean ‘born’. These are your love-producing zones.

Due to their sensitivity, stimulation of our erogenous zones produce sexual responses like arousal and even orgasm.

A few of the common erogenous zones are the buttocks, nipples, the clit, prostate, G-Spot, and even the mouth. But what about the other unsung heroes that people tend to overlook or might not even know?

10 Erogenous Zones To Explore

Taking time to explore your partner’s body with new sensations is a great way to uncover new ways to turn you both on. Here are 10 fun suggestions to try, including several you might not have ever considered! 

Inner Wrist / Arms

Both of these areas are sensitive due to the amount of nerve endings. Try lightly running your fingertips over these areas. Take it slow and enjoy the exploration. Further this experimentation with a light trail up the inner arms and even gently up your partner’s armpits for extra sensations. 

Image of a tongue licking lips to remind us to try licking, caressing or nibbling to arouse our erogenous zones.

The ears are especially sensitive for most people. Try licking, caressing or nibbling on your partner’s earlobe to elicit a pleasurable reaction. Ears, however, can be a bit divisive. Some people love the sensation, but other people just find it too ticklish! As with everything, communicate with your partner before and during this exciting exploration of each other’s bodies. 


This might be an obvious one, but it’s always worth talking about! The nipples are a super sensitive area of the body and can be excited by everything from grazing with teeth, sucking, or even something more adventurous like ice cubes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with kissing and licking the surrounding areas, too – like the sides and around the breast. You can also tease the area around the nipple before you reach it. Go deeper with Elizabeth Mason’s in-depth piece on nipple play tips and techniques.


Now, this one isn’t for everyone, but the feelings produced by both licking and sucking toes and other areas of the feet is pleasurable to some people. Test the waters by offering your partner a foot rub and see if they are comfortable with it. Massaging the sole of the foot can produce an enjoyable stimulation and might open up a new door of pleasure for both you and your partner!

Image of feet that they can be a powerful erogenous zone for both men and women.

Neck kisses are almost always a fail-safe turn on. The neck is a very sensitive part of the body and gentle kisses or nibbling can produce the most pleasurable effect on someone. Caressing your partner’s neck can also be a great segue to their ears. 

Statement that "A soft stroke, licking and kissing can go a long way..." when exploring our erogenous zones.

Small of Back

Another area that gets overlooked! The small of the back is a sensitive point of the body where gentle stimulation can ignite pleasure. A soft stroke, licking and kissing can go a long way here. Why not try gently grazing this area with your fingers whilst kissing and maybe even running your fingers lightly up and down their spine.

Lower Stomach

The stomach is a prime area to work your way downwards to your partner’s genitals. Take your time here and maybe consider using an ice cube for some fun sensations. 

Inner Thighs

Inside the thighs are not only super sensitive, but due to their close proximity to the genitals it makes them a real erogenous hot-spot. Try teasing your partner by making your way slowly up their thighs with kisses or even light touches. 

Statement to "Always remember to communicate" with your partner before and during sex, including exploration of our erogenous zones.

Please remember that there is no perfect blue-print for everyone’s pleasure. Some might not work on your partner and some might be magical! That’s what makes sex so exciting: figuring out what feels good for your partner! Not everyone will react the same, so always remember to communicate with your partner before and during this exciting exploration of each other’s bodies. 

Happy exploration!

About The Author

Based in the UK, Darcy (@dxrcyer on Instagram) is a BA and Master’s by Research graduate in History specializing in medical history. Her work focuses on violence on the body, the evolution of public views on anatomy, and corporeal metaphors through time. This also includes the presentation of the female body and the expectations of female dignity before public execution. Darcy is also a self-taught digital illustrator; this fascination with anatomy is also found in her work which combines messages of body positivity and female empowerment.

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