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How To Build The Perfect Goddess Bath (in 3 Easy Steps)

Posted by Maureen Pollack on

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about baths and pleasure, talking up and celebrating the physical and mental benefits from each. I even invented a bath product to aid in sensuality (more on The WaterSlyde later).

One of the most amazing bath experiences is what I like to call the Goddess Bath. It’s my go-to when I really want to pamper myself and have the rest of the world just melt away.

We should always take time to care for ourselves — even more so right now (#SelfCareIsn’tSelfish), so I’m grateful to share my experiences for how to build the perfect Goddess Bath in 3 easy steps.

What is a Goddess Bath?

You’re probably imagining royal servants preparing a lavish bath for their queen’s indulgence. Well, you don’t need to be royalty or have a 30-person bathtub to be a goddess — this is all about mindset and giving yourself time for self-care. Today, we can recreate this magical experience and celebrate ourselves with our very own DIY Goddess Bath.

A Goddess Bath is a bath with the intention to bring out your inner-goddess. 

Everybody’s inner-goddess is different. It’s all about bringing out the parts of you that you love the most. Consider it your “true essence”. Good ol’ Urban Dictionary’s take on it: you become “a woman of incomparable beauty and sexuality.” 

How Do You Make a Goddess Bath?

Step 1: Intention Setting

Intention setting is an important first step to taking a Goddess Bath. When you set intention, you put your mind to a goal and manifest it. Setting an intention is the beginning of embodying what you really want, both while you’re taking your Goddess Bath and beyond. It helps create your reality.

Step 2: Magical Pleasure in the Tub

I’m a huge proponent of self-pleasure in the bath — laying back and letting the water flow over you aka the bathtub technique. It’s transformative, hypnotic, and feels AMAZING. However, for some, scooting under the faucet can be very uncomfortable. This is where my invention, The WaterSlyde aquatic stimulator, and the Goddess Bath make a perfect pair.

While you’re filling your Goddess Bath, use The WaterSlyde to divert the water to flow over your vulva. Having the water stimulate your clitoris is a great way to practice self-pleasure and self-care while filling your tub. Let’s not put that energy from the flowing water to waste.

By the time the bath is filled, you can achieve your big “O” – or the level of arousal you choose. Now that you’ve found absolute bliss, relax even more into your Goddess Bath.

Step 3 – Kick it Up a Notch 

Now that your bath is filled and you’re hopefully in a state of euphoria, it’s time to add a little bit of artistic flair, some blissful ingredients and indulge in all your senses. You don’t need to run out and buy a bunch of products, personally I usually can find some fun body-safe products around my house. Here’s a list of some of my fav go-tos.

Teas and Herbs:

  • Green tea  Reduces muscle pain (And a nice perk: It turns the bath into a green goddess oasis.)
  • Peppermint – Invigorating and rejuvenating
  • Black tea – Reduces inflammation 
  • Chamomile  Relaxing and calming 
  • Orange Blossom – Softens and soothes the skin
  • Rosemary – Improves circulation


There are so many to list but here are a few of my favs:

  • Orchids – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Lavender – Stress reliever 
  • Rose – Hydrates the skin 
  • Peony – Tones the skin
  • Jasmine – Mood boosting
  • Lotus Flower – Softens the skin 

Essential Oils: 

Add a few drops and stir the water around to agitate the concentrated oils so they don’t burn your skin — trust me I had that happen with orange oil once … and OMFG. (And be careful of the slippery tub!)

  • Sensual – Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose
  • Relaxation  Lavender, Frankincense, and Chamomile
  • Energizing  Lemon, Rosemary, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Sweet orange

One of my favorite essential oil blends can be found in Moregasm Mist. It’s a gorgeous mixture of rosewater, pitchouli, ginger, ylang ylang, frankincense, vanilla and peppermint. Moregasm Mist is so alluring and relaxing and helps heighten my sensuality. I spritz some in my bath and also spray some on me after to remind my senses of my Goddess Bath experience all day (or all night) long. 

Evaporated Coconut Milk:

Yup, the trick to the creamy milky bath art is using evaporated milk 🙂 I can’t begin to tell you enough how silky coconut milk makes your skin feel. Moisture, moisture, moisture!

Use your intention to help you decide what to put in your bath. Really, choose anything that speaks to you that amps up your luxurious and sensory-driven experience. Just make sure they are body safe, okay for your V, and okay to go down the drain (if you can’t remove them from the bath when you’re finished). And, once again, be careful for slippery tubs.

Now that you’ve set your intentions, reached your orgasmic state of bliss, and indulged all your senses, just lay back and experience the moment. And most importantly, don’t rush it. Let go of your to-do list. Right now, the only “to-do” is you.

You don’t need permission or a sign to take care of yourself.  Just make time for yourself to experience all the delights of a DIY Goddess Bath! I encourage you to feel good about yourself and to feel good while doing it.

You’ve got this, babe!

About The Author

Inventor of The WaterSlyde, a revolutionary, patented feminine hygiene device / stimulator, and co-owner of Lovability, Maureen Pollack believes in removing the stigma surrounding sexual health and personal hygiene. She is also an intimacy coach, helping empower women in all stages of life to embrace intimacy through coaching and lifestyle products. A book and feature film about Maureen’s journey as a “mompreneur” are currently in pre-production.

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