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The WaterSlyde® Aquatic Stimulator
The WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic StimulatorThe WaterSlyde® Aquatic Stimulator
49 reviews
$ 35.00

Harnessing the power of water to deliver ultimate PLEASURE + STIMULATION

  • Body-safe.
  • Hands-free. Disability-friendly.
  • Recyclable.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.


As recently profiled in Well+ Good, The WaterSlyde aquatic stimulator is the revolutionary patented faucet attachment that "solves for every problem associated with bath-time faucet masturbation." 

It's a fab sex toy alternative to your vibrator, giving you and your V a new, unique pleasure sensation while simply enjoying a bath!


Visit our FAQ's to learn more, including what's unique about the WaterSlyde, how it compares to vibrators and other sex toys, why it should be part of your daily feminine hygiene routine, and more.


  • Body-Safe - Just plain H2O to wash and stimulate your vulva 
  • Water Delivered Right To Your Vulva - No more scooching or bathtub yoga
  • Pleasure From Arousal To Orgasm - You decide how far to go
  • Hands-Free & Disability-Friendly - Lay back, let the water do the rest
  • All The Power You Need - You decide the water pressure, let gravity do its thing
  • No Batteries Required! - Ever
  • Inclusive - Use it solo or with a partner

The WaterSlyde works with most forward-facing bathtub faucets. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
The WaterSlyde is made from high-impact, medical grade styrene, a high-performing, durable and body-safe material that is commonly used in health care and food service products.

YES, The WaterSlyde is recyclable (Resin Code #5)! If your local municipality doesn't accept that type of plastic, email us and we'll send you a return label so we can properly recycle it for you! :)

That's What She Said...


Like many young girls, I first discovered the pleasure that water could bring at a young age in the bath. This simple yet genius product makes that experience possible for anyone, without having to contort your body in a weird angle. It's very easy to attach and position. My self-care Sunday bath routine has forever been transformed.

Kelsey S.

Unbelievable Pleasure

I LOVE the WaterSlyde! I got mine about five months ago and I never take it off the faucet! The stream of water feels so incredible between my legs and seems to deliver the right pressure, focused on the areas where I want to feel it most. A very unique sensation! The WaterSlyde is one of the best pleasure devices I've ever owned - and it never need its batteries recharged!

Lexi S.


Just had THE MOST AMAZING BATH EXPERIENCE EVER! Added a LUSH bathbomb, turned on the water, downloaded Dipsea and put on a fun sexy audio story to really set the mood!  And SUPER discreet! People will just think your taking a bath, but it’s sooooooooo much more!


Women Love The "Bathtub Technique"

The Bathtub Technique - WaterSlyde by Lovability

PLEASURE REVOLUTION: The Bathtub Technique is Back…and Better Than Ever

by Julieta Chiara

Pleasure can come in many forms, and there’s certainly no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Anyone exploring their sexual health + happiness, whether it’s for the first time or just looking for a new sensation, is challenged to find just the right product - and there are certainly no shortage of options out there (YAS)!

As someone who loves their vulva and has tried them all, I’m excited to share my experience with The WaterSlyde and discovering OMG pleasure with bathtub faucet masturbation...

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