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5 Creative Ways To Use A Condom

Posted by Maureen Pollack on

In honor of National Condom Week, let's explore some alternative uses for condoms beyond their traditional role in protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy.

The Obvious: Let's Wrap That Up

Of course, condoms are commonly used for their primary purpose: to provide a barrier during sexual intercourse to prevent STIs, and pregnancy. But although male condoms are used over the male genitalia, us women are definitely part of the equation.

At Lovability, we wanted to create a condom with women in mind -- with natural latex, limited ingredients, easy-open packaging, always-right-side-up condoms, delivered in beautiful packaging so you'll be proud AF to buy, carry and use them!

With the obvious out of the way, how else might we make creative use of a condom? Here are 5 more ways to use a condom:

1. Condoms For Oral Sex

Yup, I know what you're thinking: who wants to use a condom for that, too? But if you’re not sure about the status of your partner and you want to protect yourself and practice safe/r sex,  then you really should use a condom for oral.

Lovability condoms are made from locally sourced rubber and produced quickly with only 4 ingredients, so they don't have that nasty smell and are super clean. Fittingly, we like to joke that if it's good enough for the lips down there, it's good enough for the lips up top, too.

Lovability Condoms for Oral Sex

2. As a DIY Dental Dam

But what about oral sex performed on a female or over the rectum? Don’t worry, I got you covered there too, wink wink.  While dental dams or My Lorals wearable dental dams are ideal, you can improvise by cutting open a condom and using it as a makeshift dental dam in a pinch.

Easy DIY Dental Dam with a Lovability condom

3. No Glove, No (Toy) Love

Have you ever purchased a sex toy and taken it out of the packaging and gotten a huge wiff of chemicals?  Or, what if you’re not sure if your favorite toy has been cleaned properly?

Yeah, I would put that in my body either. 

Condoms can also come in handy when using sex toys. Not all toys are made from body-safe materials or properly sanitized, so slipping a condom over a sex toy ensures a clean and smooth experience.

4. Moving Around During Sex

Some of you may enjoy anal but (pun intended) then like to finish vaginally.  Going back and forth can introduce bacteria into your vaginal canal and your urethra leading to UTIs and/or BV. So please, use different condoms when moving from hole to hole.

5. Condoms Make Great Balloons

If you happen to have expired condoms, or you're just not sure if it’s still good, get creative and repurpose it. During covid, I may or may not have used some expired condoms as balloons. Yup, I blew up some condoms for my friend for her birthday and she still talks about how it was the funniest birthday surprise she has had.

Condoms make great balloons for adult parties

Remember, being knowledgeable about condom use and exploring these alternative uses promotes safer and more enjoyable sexual experiences for everyone. Feel free to share your LPT as I’m sure you have some creative ways you use condoms.


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