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A Romantic Bath Date Night In A Box

Posted by Maureen Pollack on

Looking for a unique, romantic gift that both of you will love for Valentine's day? 

As the inventor of The WaterSlyde, I wanted to emulate one of my most sensual bath experiences for you all. So I curated an all-in-one "date night in a box" - our Bringing Sexy Bath Kit - to help facilitate bliss and intimacy. Come along with me on a bath adventure and explore our romantic bath kit for couples.

What Do You Put In A Bath Date Night Box?

Imagine opening the kit with your partner to reveal an enticing assortment: a Bomb Bomb Arousal Balm, a ThreePlay Massage Candle, a Water Slyde aquatic stimulator, and a luxurious Hair Towel (to keep your hair dry while your getting wet), promising an unforgettable, sensual bath experience - a date night that proves staying in can be far better than going out.

Why Is The Bath A Great Place For A Date?

As you may know, I believe the bathtub is one of the best places to ignite your intimacy.

A sensual bath can be great for couples as it offers an intimate and relaxing environment that encourages closeness and connection. The warm water, soothing scents, and intimate ambiance can promote relaxation, open communication, and a deeper emotional connection between partners, making it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for couples and oneself.

4 Easy Steps For A Romantic Bath Date

Now let’s sink into the Bringing Sexy Bath journey.

First, remember to set your intentions. Beginning with a pearl-sized amount of the arousal bomb, massage it into your pleasure pearl, the tingling, cool sensation ignites a rush of blood to desired areas.

Second, light the candle and set the mood. As it flickers, emitting a captivating aroma of our sexy Smolder aphrodisiac scent, let the ambiance transform you.

Third, your partner joins behind you in the tub, The WaterSlyde intensifying the experience, offering a direct rush of water to just the right places.

Fourth, with your hands free, the intimate setting invites exploration as the stream of water gives you endless waves of pleasure. You seductively blow the candle out and pour warm-to-the-touch oil over each other, enhancing the sensual connection. The WaterSlyde becomes a partner in this journey, facilitating caresses and closeness.

You are completely connected, aroused, and ready for more...

Enjoy your intimate experience my loves, and let us know how you enjoyed it.

With love and gratitude, 


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