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How Long Can I Keep a Condom in my Wallet

Posted by Devin Wilde on

The typical condom should ideally be kept for less than an hour in your wallet, pocket, or purse. 

Condoms that are constantly moved or rubbed against each other can cause wear and tear, making them less effective. Extreme heat (around 104°F/40°C) can cause latex to become weak and sticky.

Most innovative ways to carry condoms

Before we can suggest the best ways to carry condoms, we must first review condom basics. The more experienced person will know these simple facts, and we will remind you of these facts for educational purposes.

Since condoms were made available to every man, he kept one in his pocket to have protection in case of a lucky break. (Naturally, we are talking about single men of all ages). Condom breakage was more common back in the day. Only those who were knowledgeable about the rubber/latex industries could point out this error. The problem was not in the manufacturing process but rather in the way condoms are handled.

You have probably seen a TV clip where someone finds a vintage car in an abandoned garage. Are the tires brittle or breaking? Condoms that are kept in an area exposed to heat will cause this. 

A condom is like a piece of paper that a man puts in his wallet. Then he places it in his pocket. The effects of course do not happen overnight, and take time. A man may forget about the condom being stored until he needs it, and some people may not realize it until months later. By the time he does get lucky, the risks have increased with the condom being damaged in some capacity.

Extreme cold can also cause the same effects. Imagine that you bought condoms and forgot to take them with you in a snowstorm. It has been below freezing for at least three days, and you have not gone outside to get out of your car. You can finally check the box of condoms and open one to make sure it is not brittle. It is better to allow the condom to rest at room temperature and not accelerate the process.

Here's our suggestion to break the habit. Take the condom out of your wallet when you return home from work and prepare for bed. Before you go to bed, please take out the condom and replace it with another one. So that you can rotate your collection, you can put out five to seven days worth.

A simple test can determine if condoms have been damaged or expired. Open one condom from the box. Is the lube still in the right consistency? If yes, proceed to Step 2. Now take the condom and extend it from one side to the other. Fill it with water. You should check for leaks. If the exterior remains dry, you are good to go. Although this is not a 100% guarantee, it is a helpful test nonetheless. It is important to remember not to use your condom for sex again.

Better yet, consider a totally revolutionary solution to this…. Consider storing them in a tin. In fact, our Buttercup Condoms come in a straightforward, always-right-side-up wrapper so however you carry them, they work first time. 

Where can condoms be hidden in the most secret places?

There are a few things you need to consider when deciding where to store a condom. A bedside drawer may not be a good choice for small children and should be kept away from them. It is best to store condoms in a safe place that is easily accessible and easy to find especially when the situation requires it.

  • An underwear drawer
  • If you need extra security, keep them in your socks
  • Fake bean cans (although some might be sceptical about the existence of a can in your bedroom)
  • Books that are hollowed out (choose the most boring)
  • Schoolwork drawers that no one would want to see

How do you store condoms safely?

Keep your condoms dry and away from sharp objects and direct sunlight. Condoms can be damaged by heat and moisture if they are left in your car, pocket, or bathroom for more than a month.

Around room temperature is the best, but condoms should not be kept higher than 100°F or lower than 32°F. Also, condoms should be kept out of direct sunlight.

What are the cons of condoms?

  • Condoms can lessen the enjoyment (that skin-on-skin feeling) of sex
  • Some people may be allergic to latex
  • Slippage and condom breaking can reduce their effectiveness 
  • Oil-based lubricants may damage latex condoms

What are the potential adverse effects of condoms?

  • Condoms can trigger latex allergies. Latex allergies can cause hives, rash and tightening and loss of blood pressure in extreme cases.
  • Condoms are not 100% against preventing STDs or pregnancy.

Do you need to always have a condom with you?

Truth be told, who knows when you may need one. It makes sex more enjoyable knowing you are safe and any unwanted fear taken out knowing you are always prepared. This is one of the most fantastic reasons to embrace your sexual empowerment and keep condoms. You can enjoy sex while you have your protection and birth control in place.

Can I carry a condom with me?

A condom can be damaged or broken if it is kept in your pocket, especially for prolonged periods. Even though the wrapper may look fine, the condom might be damaged. Condoms that are kept in a wallet can become very worn, and they can also break easily. The most effective way to carry condoms - for men or women- is to keep them in a discreet condom-carrying tin.

Condom in your wallet is bad?

Experts believe that pockets and wallets are terrible places to store condoms because of their temperature and friction, which can weaken the latex. Plus, the risk of them being torn from keys or other objects makes it an unwanted risk.

Is it possible to use two condoms?

You should not use more than one condom at once. Two condoms are less effective than one. Apart from the obvious lessening of closeness, reducing feeling and pleasure, two condoms may cause friction, which can weaken the condoms and increase the likelihood of them breaking and chaffing.

What are the worst things to do when opening condoms?

Do not use your fingers, teeth, or scissors to open condom wrappers. Make sure that you can see the condom clearly as you take it out of the wrapper, then put it back on. 

Can condoms be reused?

Experts, including Planned Parenthood, say that condoms should not be reused and suggest using a different one each time you have sex. Researchers concluded that a new condom would be best each time you want to have sex.

Are condoms always 100% effective?

Male condoms can be 98% effective if used correctly every time you have sexual contact. When male condoms are being used for contraception, 2 out of 100 women will fall pregnant within a year. 

Are condoms 100% safe?

Can condoms be 100% effective? No, but condoms are a strong method to prevent pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Many couples combine condoms with other birth control methods, such as IUDs or birth control pills, to provide better protection against pregnancy.

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