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What Kind of Condoms Should I Buy?

Posted by Devin Wilde on

Although there is no definitive rule about who should use different condom sizes, the following guidelines will give you an idea of what condom you should buy.

How can I determine which condoms I should buy?

A regular standard condom is sufficient for most people. Some people will try several brands and types before finding the right one, and others may be happy with any brand. There are some reasons why you might choose to use a particular type of condom.

First, look for something that works for your body and skin type. If you're interested in a clean, body-safe condom with few ingredients, look for condoms that are 100% natural, vegan latex with no spermicide, dyes, fragrances or other chemicals.

Condoms made from latex (also known as rubber) are the most popular type of condom. If your partner is allergic to latex, you can use latex-free. These condoms are made out of soft materials such as polyurethane or polyisoprene and don't contain any latex. These condoms are just as effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs as latex condoms.

There are many sizes available for condoms, and condoms can be stretched to fit many different penises. Most people can use standard condoms without any problems, and others might require larger or smaller condoms.

Too tight condoms can cause pain or break, while too loose condoms can fall off and cause excess semen (cum). Choosing the right size condom is important, and comfortable sex can make it more enjoyable and less painful.

Condoms can have special lubricants or textures to increase the sensation and make sex last longer. Although these extra features can make condoms more enjoyable and pleasurable, it is not always possible to feel the difference between standard condoms.

Another consideration is how you will store them, carry them and open them. Traditionally, many condoms will be in a wrapper that finds itself in a bag, wallet or pocket. The problem here is apart from the heat, friction can damage the condom and wear it down. Sharp objects such as keys can pierce the packaging and damage the condom down making it less effective. Fortunately, there are now many condoms that are easy to open, always right side up wrappers with no tear packaging. They can also be stored in a tin, reducing any potential problems of them being damaged.

How do I know what condoms to buy?

To determine which condom works best for you:

  1. Measure your penis when it is fully erect to get the correct size.
  2. Make sure it’s compatible with your skin type, be it sensitive or normal.
  3. Opt for an easy open, no tear packaging where at all possible. It will reduce anything going wrong when you need it.
  4. Look for 100% natural, vegan latex with silicone oil lubricant if possible and it works for you. We have ultra-thin condoms that can be stored in a tin.

Take Your Measurements

The size of the erect penis will determine your condom size. 

  • Length - Measure the length of the erect penis with a ruler or tape, with one part placed on the pubic bone and the other at the tip of the penis.
  • Width - Wrap with a piece of string around the thickest part of the erect penis. Then measure the string length using a tape measure.

After taking these measurements, compare different brands to find the condom that best matches your erect penis.

Is the material important?

Condoms come in many sizes and shapes. They also have different materials like latex, polyurethane and lambskin.

Condom manufacturers use latex for the majority of their condoms. However, some brands offer non-latex options for those who don't like latex or have allergies.

Condom Types

You may want to buy a few condoms to test them out after you've chosen a few brands that suit your penis size. It may be helpful to test several condoms of different materials to find the most comfortable one.

There are other condom features you may be interested in, aside from size.

  • Design - Condoms come in a variety of textures and shapes. You may prefer one to the other.
  • Built-in lubrication - Many condom brands use silicone oil lubricant. These materials can increase your sensitivity and pleasure, as well as that of your partner.
  • Easy opening - Often an overlooked element but something that can make or break the entire mood. If you find yourself worried about damaging the condom when ripping the packaging, consider a condom that uses "buttercup" packaging that's easy open and ensures the condom faces the right way up each time.

To make your partner feel more comfortable and have a better experience, you can also add additional lubricant after placing your condom on.

How to use a condom properly

Condoms work best when properly used. Here are some tips to help you use condoms correctly:

  1. Make sure to check the expiration date of the package. Condoms that are past their expiry date will be a less effective and more likely break.
  2. It is vital to ensure that the condom remains intact. Condoms kept in purses or wallets are at risk of being damaged. You should ensure that the wrapper remains intact. Do not use a condom that is ripped or damaged.
  3. Carefully remove the wrapper. Avoid pulling the wrapper with your teeth. If you struggle with this, consider using an easy open wrapper style.
  4. To roll the condom over your penis, ensure that the rim faces the outside.
  5. Place the condom tip on the head of your erect penis. Use your fingers to press the excess air out of the end. This will allow you to collect your semen.
  6. Roll the condom along the shaft until it reaches the base of your penis.
  7. Apply a small amount of silicone or water-based lubricant to any condom that does not have lubrication.
  8. After you have ejaculated, hold the condom's base while pulling it out. This will keep it from falling off.
  9. Remove the condom carefully, tie a knot at its open end and toss it in the trash.

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

Any pharmacy or supermarket can sell condoms without having to ask for identification. Check in your country and state the legal age but for many places, the consenting age for sexual activity is 16 years, and this applies regardless of the gender or gender identity of the purchaser.

Why are female condoms not popular?

Male condoms are more popular than female condoms, and this could be because they are less widely available, costlier, or simply because women prefer them. In general, condoms for females are not available in drug stores or grocery stores.

How do I get condoms for 15 years old?

It is possible to buy condoms at any age. The most common places to purchase condoms are drugstores, Planned Parenthood health clinics, and community health clinics.

Are condoms too embarrassing to buy?

It can be awkward for some people to go into a store and buy condoms. However, your health is more important than a bit of embarrassment. In fact, if you reframe it, you can see it as an empowering exercise.

Do condoms expire?

Many condoms come with expiration dates printed on their packaging, usually five years from the date they are manufactured. It is essential not to use condoms after the expiration date has passed. They will begin to degrade and be less effective in preventing STDs or pregnancy. Avoid using condoms after the expiration date. Please do not use a condom that appears dry, sticky or stiff out of its package.

Which condoms should I buy for the first time?

It can be nerve-wracking to try out sex for the first time. So make sure you choose a reliable and easy-to-use condom and if possible, practice putting them on and taking them off. The more prepared you are before having to use them, the smoother the process will most likely go when you need them in the heat of the moment. 

What are the cons of female condoms?

Couples may not like the view of the outer ring or find the condom too loud during sex. Another negative for women is discomfort when putting in a condom, and Itchy, burning or painful reactions can occur.

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