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Everything You Need For A Sexy Night Out

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Feeling sexy isn’t just a feeling, it’s a whole lifestyle. At Lovability, we’re all about being prepared and empowered in your sexuality and health. Whether you’re going on a date night sporting some sexy lingerie underneath your fit, or simply want to make sure your sexy-time essentials are with you for spontaneous adventures … let’s do it.

Our latest collaboration with renowned lingerie brand Hanky Panky is here to make sure you’re always ready for a sexy night out.

Meet Hanky Panky: A Leader in Lingerie

Hanky Panky is a female-founded underwear, lingerie, and sleepwear brand that’s been serving women’s empowerment since 1977. Founded by women for women, it only made sense to accept Hanky Panky’s collab offer to join forces: two revolutionary brands coming together to preach and feel the power of feeling sexy while taking charge of your sexual health. 

Emotional woman raising her fist in agreement.

It’s simple really: sexy lingerie & sexual health go hand-in-hand. When we empower ourselves and supercharge our own confidence, we can make huge changes in this world. Whether smashing the stigma that women shouldn’t carry condoms or wearing sexy lingerie just because, it’s time to evolve the conversation.

How can you feel confident and sexy for yourself? How does your sensuality empower you? When you feel good about yourself, how does that show up in other areas of your life?

Essentials For A Sexy Night In Or Out

Feeling Sexy in Lingerie for Yourself

"I'm sexy all the damn time" - ER

Many folks incorrectly believe that sexy lingerie is only needed to please – or appease – someone else. Following that logic is that you do not need to have lingerie if you aren’t sexually active with someone. WRONG. Sexy lingerie helps us set a tone in the way we look, feel, and carry ourselves. A few examples include:

  • Just like slapping on your favorite lipstick before work in the mornings, why not have a sexy secret hiding underneath your clothes? It’s not for anyone else — it’s for you. It’s a reminder of how powerfully sexy you can be at ALL times. Slip on your faves underneath your clothing and let us know how much better your Zoom meetings go with so much confidence. 
  • We get it. You’ve gotten used to your giant t-shirt at all times during the pandemic. You’ve ditched makeup, pants, and all the things we used to care about if we went out more. If you went the extra mile to get up, get ready, and put on sexy lingerie… how would that change the way you feel? For many, this boost is better than their morning coffee. 
  • Not surprisingly, our libido is boosted the sexier we feel. Many of us feel way more sexually inclined when we’ve slipped on some comfy, sexy lingerie rather than our jammies, a messy bun, and socks from 3 days ago. Gentle reminder… your libido isn’t for anyone else either. Try putting on lingerie for a little self-love and see how much further you shine. 

Wearing Sexy Lingerie for a Partner

Woman saying "You're sexy, and you look great."

Obviously, self-love and confidence are awesome, and they affect our partners, too! While sexy lingerie should first and foremost be for yourself, seeing you wearing it can be a major thrill for our partners. Our partners seeing us enjoy ourselves and feeling our best is the biggest turn-on of all — plus, admiring all of you is never a downside.

A fun game to play with partners is having them pick lingerie they would like to see you in, and vice versa. If you’re looking to surprise your partner, dress casually while you’re sporting a risque ensemble underneath (like Hanky Panky’s crotchless panties 🙂 – more below).

Sexy Lingerie for Sexual People – Perfect Match for Perfect Packs

Our collab with Hanky Panky is all about creating a shared bundle that’s effortlessly convenient and empowering. No matter your reason, being prepared with your favorite sexual health essentials and gorgeous panties is always a vibe for the perfect sexy night out.

For a very sexy night out, check out Hanky Panky x Lovability Perfect Pack.
Hanky Panky x Lovability Perfect Pack

Perfect Pack

The Perfect Pack Includes:

  • Hanky Panky’s Classic thong (in Original and Low Rise options) and a crotchless thong, each in our Lovability colors
  • Lovability’s “3 Condoms + Tin,” featuring our Buttercup Condoms (natural latex, vegan, and always easy-open and right-side-up) in the cutest condom-carrying tin you’ll ever see.

This pack is PERFECT for us Lova Babes on the go (yes, the tin easily fits a pair of your favorite thong as well), and ready to have some fun.

Set the Perfect scene: 

You’re going on a date with your partner, and you wear your sexy crotchless panties. Rocking this much confidence, your partner will be thrilled to see you feeling so sexy. You conveniently have your vegan Buttercup Condoms in a cute condom-carrying tin ready to go, ready to support you in your fun. Once you’re done, you have a fresh thong ready to change into. Your crotchless panties fit flawlessly into your cute condom-carrying tin to take home.

Name a better system for that sexy night out. We’ll wait.

The sexiest of nights out is a One Night Planned with Hanky Panky x Lovability Mega Perfect Pack.
Hanky Panky x Lovability Mega Perfect Pack

Mega Perfect Pack

If you thought the Perfect Pack was perfect, we are stepping it up even more for the Lova Babe who wants it all.

The Mega Perfect Pack Includes:

  • Two Classic Hanky Panky Thongs in our fav Lovability colors (in your choice of Original or Low Waist),
  • One crotchless panty in Mist Sprig or Black (Low Waist only),
  • 3 Buttercup Condoms (vegan, natural latex, odor-free) in the cutest condom-carrying tin,
  • HALLELUBEYAH premium water-based personal lubricant & moisturizer, and
  • 3 Quickies individually-wrapped towelettes

Set the Perfect scene: 

Going out for a night on the town for a sexy night out? Not sure you’ll be coming home alone? Have a lover you may be seeing? Want to simply be prepared with all the essentials should some adventure fall into your lap? Make it Mega Perfect, babe. 

Envision asking your partner which color of sexy panties they would like to see, and taking them for a spin. Once you’re with them, you can get straight to fun with our easy-open Buttercup Condoms and a juicy couple of drops of our HALLELUBEYAH personal lubricant for ultimate glide. When you’re done, clean up with a Quickies towelette and pack your panties straight into your condom tin (with a new, fresh pair awaiting you).

We don’t mean to brag so much, but this is F’n awesome.

Meme of a woman happily skipping away

Not only do you get all the goodness from the Perfect Pack, but we get to throw in some of our fan-favorite bonuses.

Feel Sexy, Always

No matter which pack you pick, or if you pick them both, we want you to feel your sexy best and to always make sure you’re prepared – for whatever your plans or adventures may bring!

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