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How The Bathtub Technique Transformed Me Into A Sexy Mermaid

Posted by Liza Brilliant on

My bathtub is my own personal haven. I have sought refuge in it for as long as I can remember; taking baths after a tough day at school, a fight with a friend, pretty much every time that I’ve needed to sink into the warm bathwater and let the stress melt away. I have also found peace in the tub, lighting candles or adding some essential oils to the mix, giving myself some well-deserved TLC.

At some point in high school, the bath became something else for me, too. It was the only place where I was guaranteed privacy; I took advantage of this and used it to explore my body in secret. The warm water had always felt good on my skin and in my hair, but it felt especially good down there.

I can’t remember the exact moment when I figured out that positioning my vulva under the water would feel good – aka the “bathtub technique” – but it seemed so natural; the warmth and wetness I normally feel between my legs was amplified but also mirrored by the warmth and wetness of the water that enveloped me. The combination of warmth and not-too-hard-but-not-too-soft water pressure seemed to call out to me, and I have absolutely no regrets about answering that call. 

Before I started buying vibrators in college, I had used bathtub faucets and detachable showerheads for a while. Once I discovered that my new toys came with 10 different vibration patterns each, it was pretty much game over for water play. Every once in a while when I got bored, I would go back to my trusty faucet to mix it up; but for the most part, I resorted to what I like to call the “fast and furious” method with my vibrator for quick and easy results.


I first heard about the WaterSlyde about a week into writing for Lovability. It immediately sparked my attention because it was the first aquatic diverter I had ever seen, not to mention one of the few 100% hygienic and body safe toys on the market. I asked if I could write a review about it and, the next thing I knew, one was on the way to my house.  

Unboxing my WaterSlyde was a hoot and a half. IMMEDIATELY my first thought was how f*cking cute it is. I mean like, seriously, look how adorable it is. It’s so wavy!! I love the color and the fact that it’s slightly see through and the water glimmers in the light as it rushes down. Low key, it kind of makes me feel like a sexy mermaid 😉

by Christie Renfro

I wanted to know some of the intention behind certain aspects of the design, so I met with the inventor of the WaterSlyde, Lovability Co-Owner and sexual wellness pioneer Maureen Pollack, to learn more. As for the adorable little waves on the sides of the WaterSlyde, I learned that those are meant to signify the waves of arousal you might experience when using the bathtub technique. And, if you didn’t notice, the tip of the slide looks like a tongue, which is supposed to be a cute tease at oral sex (apparently aquatic stimulation is the closest you can get to simulating oral sex, which is pretty hot if you ask me)

Everything about this toy screams “FOR YOUR PLEASURE” 😉

I decided to wait until after I moved into my new apartment to do a grand christening, both of the house and the WaterSlyde (there’s gotta be a first time for everything, why not make it a double whammy). I dimmed the lights, put on my essential oils diffuser, played music off my favorite playlist, and dove in. The build was slow and steady, but by the time I approached the finish line, my entire body was trembling.

One of my frustrations with using the bathtub technique in the past was always having to put my legs up in uncomfortable positions, praying my legs wouldn’t fall asleep or give out, but not with the WaterSlyde. It’s positioned SOO perfectly — just to where I can sit up properly and not have to worry about my legs and arms cramping up (no more crazy yoga bendy sh*t trying to position myself under the faucet, just letting gravity do its job!). Did I also mention that it leaves enough room behind you for someone else to come and join? 

Sidenote: If you’ve never had a partner hold you and play with you while you masturbate, I strongly recommend you try it out! It’s one of the most intimate experiences you can share with a partner and it’s also like, craaazy hot. Plus, what better way for your partner to learn what you like in bed?!

I asked Maureen whether this was an intentional aspect of the design. Her explanation was that the WaterSlyde was designed not to be a substitute or replacement for partner play, but rather a dual purpose toy. You can decide to use the WaterSlyde as a warm up or to freshen up before sex, in an intimate partner or solo bath, or just as a pleasant way to start your day. It’s also intentionally hands-free so you can play with yourself or have a partner play with you while you use the slide, whether they are next to you outside the tub or sitting behind you in it.

Overall, I think the best thing about using the WaterSlyde for the bathtub technique is that it reminded me that I am allowed to indulge in my own pleasure. With vibrators, I often feel like the journey is overshadowed by the desire for results, whereas with the WaterSlyde, I really enjoyed taking my time and indulging in the pleasures of the warm water. For that reason, it was a much more sensual experience rather than a hunger driven sexual experience.

But don’t just take my word for it — try it out yourself! Fiddle around with the water temperature, the pressure, your leg placement, the ambience, and anything else you want to tinker with to achieve the perfect bathgasm 🙂

About The Author

A senior double Anthropology and Women’s & Gender Studies Major at Kenyon College in Ohio, Liza Brilliant (@brill.ant on Insta) is devoted to destigmatizing conversations around sexuality and promoting a healthy, sex positive femininity. Liza hopes to one day work in law and public policy, specifically around destigmatizing and decriminalizing sex work. She firmly believes that sex positivity has the power to influence broader political and social norms, changing the world one orgasm at a time. 

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