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Our Senses & Arousal: The Power of Sight

Posted by Babe With The Power on

Our five senses – hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste –  all play an important role in how we experience sex, pleasure and arousal. Our brain is our largest and most important sex organ. Without being mentally turned on, our bodies simply do not follow along.

Visual stimulation can play a huge part in our arousal and how we experience different forms of pleasure. What we see can turn us on immensely, and when we can’t see our other senses are dramatically heightened. It’s safe to safe that sight is a powerful aphrodisiac!

Power of Sight To Build Arousal

Here are three easy ways to use the power of sight to build arousal and intimacy in your pleasure journey…

"I like what I see" meme - the sense of sight can be a very powerful sexual arousal
Sight can be a very powerful source of sexual arousal

Watch (Ethical) Porn To Build Arousal and Intimacy

Viewing porn has a ton of stigma to it, and I say to hell with that. It’s the safest way to explore our pleasure, experience different fantasies, or get turned on safely under our own terms. Whether you view porn to masturbate or enjoy it with a partner, get your porn from an ethical source. Ethical porn means the production company treats and pays their workers right, takes into consideration set standards, obliges to performers boundaries, testing, etc.

Mutual Masturbation To Get You Going

"I like that. Like that's hot." - meme supporting the idea that mutual masturbation can be very hot.

While porn can be really hot to watch and get turned on, so are our partners. Watching our partners masturbate, or masturbating together, is very visually satisfying. If you haven’t tried it, raise it with your partner.

If you like to pleasure yourself in the bath, it's the perfect setting to invite a partner and share the experience. Have your partner sit in the bath with you as you use the WaterSlyde to stimulate yourself, and they can watch and even participate. Whether it’s the caress of your breasts or massaging your legs as the water hits your vulva just right, we promise you’re both in for a good time.

Blindfold Play To Arouse The Senses

"Oh my God" meme with Sandra Bullock - blindfold play can stimulate arousal
Blindfold play is a great way to stimulate arousal

The most common form of sight play is – ironically – blindfolding yourself or your partner and removing the ability to see what’s in front of us. The intended consequence of blindfold play is that it dramatically heightens all of our other senses. When we can’t see, we are forced to focus on what we hear, smell, taste, or feel with the rest of our body. It also creates the psychological suspense of not knowing what’s coming next.

When blindfolded by your partner, you’re not in control and are left to wonder … What’s next? How will they touch you? What’s that amazing smell? Taste? And so on.

Pro Tip: Introduce a massage candle in to blindfold play. Your partner can get you comfortable, and your only job is to excitingly anticipate the sweet sound and feel of drips of massage oil coming your way. How will they massage you? Where are their hands going? What are they whispering? Let the suspense excite you, babe.

Our Sense Of Sight Is A Powerful Aphrodisiac

Sight, one of our 5 senses, is an exciting one. Playing with the giving-and-taking of this sense can really amp up the “usual”, and add a new level of excitement.

Sight is a powerful aphrodisiac. How are you playing with the sense of sight in your sex life?

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