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Water Masturbation For The BEST Orgasms

Posted by Maureen Pollack on

Warning: If the topic of masturbation makes you uncomfortable, you may want to stop reading now. 

Vulva owners are incredibly creative when it comes to masturbation – using a number of tools and techniques, including their use of hands, dildos and vibrators. But what if we don’t have access to such items or we just can’t get all the way there with them? Some of us lucky ladies have found streams of water washing over our vulvas to be one of the most amazing ways to masturbate. Welcome to the wonderful world of water masturbation!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using good ole H20 to masturbate and the best ways to get you “there”! 

Disney's Ariel enjoying the pounding of water

The Gifts of Water Play

  1. Intensity:  Orgasms from water masturbation are some of the most intense you can experience.  Unlike the quick ones you can get from high powered vibrators, the stimulation from water is a slower, drawn-out sensation that leads to a larger build up, ultimately releasing a more explosive orgasm.  
  2. Clean: Water from your bathtub faucet or shower head is one of the most hygienic ways you can masturbate.  You don’t have to worry if you remembered to disinfect your sex toys or washed your hands. If you want, it also doubles as a way to freshen up without any unnecessary added soaps or perfumes. 
  3. Discreet: If you are living with your parents, children or roommates, the bathroom is (hopefully) a place where people respect your privacy. There’s no sound of a buzzing vibrator. Instead, people will just think you’re taking a bath.
  4. Exploration: Water masturbation gives you many opportunities to experiment with different sensations. That is, you can play with temperature, pressure and positions.  

And don’t forget, masturbation itself provides a number of health benefits, including reducing stress, strengthening the pelvic floor, and helping increase your libido!  What else can a girl want? 

A clitoris enjoying the pleasure and privacy of a bath

Oh The Places We Go… To Get Wet

Shower HEAD

Who doesn’t like good head? 🤩 Using a detachable shower head is one of the more well known ways people masturbate. There are so many different types of fancy shower heads out there, but all you really need is a basic shower head with a massage mode.  No need to get fancy.  Some like it gentle, some like it hard.  Explore and see what works best for you. 

Another way to masturbate with water in the shower is to put a washcloth on your shower head and lay on the floor and let the water cascade over your vulva. 

Shower heads are a popular source of mind-blowing orgasms using water masturbation

Go Jets!:

Mmmmm, the power of pounding jets.  They are designed for massage, and what better place to get a massage than on your clitoris.  A good way to position yourself is to kneel facing the jets and bring yourself closer to them so they’re directed on your clitoris.  You can move back and forth to get just the right pressure. Warning:  be careful not to shoot the water into your vagina.

Drawing of a woman enjoying her bath and daydreaming

Splish Splash I’m In Love With My Bath:  

I saved the best for last! The Bathtub Technique is a phenomenal way to stimulate your clitoris, get a mind-blowing orgasm, all while you lay comfortably in your tub – and it’s hands-free. You can use The WaterSlyde or scoot under the faucet with your legs up on the wall and let the water work its magic. There’s something special about the gentle build-up and how it can create the most intense orgasms. Tip: You can enjoy your special “me” time or invite a partner to lay behind you for an ultra erotic experience.  

The WaterSlyde by Lovability to enjoy the bathtub technique (aka water masturbation).

So if you’re looking for something new, explosive orgasms, or looking to get back to your self pleasure roots, water masturbation is at your fingertips #blessed. Enjoy, explore, and remember, self love isn’t selfish. You Got This Babe 💜 



About The Author

Inventor of The WaterSlyde, a revolutionary, patented feminine hygiene device / stimulator, and co-owner of Lovability, Maureen Pollack believes in removing the stigma surrounding sexual health and personal hygiene. She is also an intimacy coach, helping empower women in all stages of life to embrace intimacy through coaching and lifestyle products. A book and feature film about Maureen’s journey as a “mompreneur” are currently in pre-production.

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