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“Bathtub Love” – The Perfect Sexy Romantic Bath For Valentine’s Day

Posted by Julieta Chiara on

As a self-partnered gal (most of the time), it can be annoying to see Valentine’s Day centered around “the one”, often putting a negative frame on those who are spending this day alone or have more casual arrangements. I wouldn’t say I’m a Valentine’s Day anarchist, but I sure as hell think the beautiful V-Day principles can be enjoyed year round, with or without someone. As much as I love chocolate, roses, and rom-coms… I love my orgasmic experiences more. 

My favorite Spanish word is “disfrutar”, which translates “to enjoy” or, in some instances, “to receive”. As I’ve written before, using the WaterSlyde to comfortably enjoy bathtub masturbation has taught me to be patient and intentional with my experience, plus its also opened the door to multiple streams of pleasure (pun intended).

As your local orgasm connoisseur, I’d like to offer a few tips on making this time of the year absolutely lovely for you, your partner, and your clitoris. Why? Because it’s 2024 and we’re enjoying and receiving our pleasure to its fullest!

Set Your Intentions With A Slow Build Up

When it comes to my sexuality, I’m totally guilty of whipping out a vibrator to get my orgasm within 5 minutes and then moving on to the rest of my day. While that’s effective, it’s not incredibly mindful and doesn’t truly “build” my pleasure experience.

That’s why I love and recommend The WaterSlyde aquatic stimulator. It’s about the sweet, slow buildup to a grand finale – the gentle yet powerful form of stimulation that slows us down and lets us truly enjoy, receive, and EXPERIENCE our sensations. I like to set the intention of having a long, intimate experience with myself or a partner, and being open to my body’s reaction to stimulation.

How To Build The Perfect Sexy Romantic Bath

While some might be hoping for an expensive night of sushi, my perfect Valentine's Day date would be a bathtub playdate. It is the perfect opportunity to build intimacy and do something truly hot together, putting a twist on the traditional shared bath. Involving your partner in your bath experience is a trifecta of goodness.

Here’s are 3 easy steps for how to make the perfect sexy romantic bath.

  1. Yes, you should try and be a little cheesy about it. Use your imagination to create a beautiful experience for your partner. Set the scene: dim the lights, light a candle, play some rhythmic tunes, and add in your own personal flare. I highly recommend spraying the room with some Moregasm Mist. Want to pop a bottle of champagne to enjoy together? Do it. Want to add in some flower petals? Hells, yeah! Want to add glitter? Just make sure it’s biodegradable. 🙂
  1. The WaterSlyde is an amazing way for vulva owners to “warm up” arousal before intimacy, so why not make it a partnered experience? Mimicking the feeling of oral sex, the thrust of the water will get your juices flowing – and your partner can watch. Visual stimulation can be just as important as physical stimulation, and your partner would love nothing more than to watch you receive pleasure. A truly saucy and sensual experience, so let them see the show!

Pro Tip: Before getting in the tub, apply Bomb Balm Arousal Balm to your favorite areas to increase blood flow, heighten sensation, and help you build arousal.

  1. Have your partner sit behind you in the bathtub, cradling their legs around you while you lean back and relax. As The WaterSlyde works its magic on your clitoris, your partner can stimulate the rest of your body – a shoulder massage, neck kisses, nipple play, or even using their hands for simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

Pro Tip: Looking for the perfect, sexy massage oil for the bath? Try Lovability’s ThreePlay Massage Candle. One of its primary ingredients is hemp seed oil, giving it a fantastic slip factor for massage and the perfect lube for a “handie” or other slippery play. And, yes, it’s great in bed and in the bath 🙂

Once you’re ready, take your fun of your perfect sexy romantic bath outside the tub and continue the adventure: climax or not, it doesn’t matter! The WaterSlyde will have you ready to receive even more pleasure, however that looks for you and your partner. This means you now have more sensation from increased blood flow and lubrication to the vulva. When adequately turned on, our clitoral response is greatly enhanced!

And If You're Self-Partnered

We can also enjoy all the above as self-partnered babes – in fact, it’s a wonderful way to take our time and explore our pleasure. I personally do this by pouring myself a glass of wine, enjoying some dark chocolate, listening to good tunes, and then shutting out the world for an hour as I watch my amazing body respond to The WaterSlyde. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. 

As above, after enjoying the WaterSlyde, your vulva will be fully stimulated and ready to react to more stimulation: this is the GREATEST combination to your typical masturbation routine. After one of my incredible WaterSlyde sessions, I love combining either a rabbit-style vibe or clitoral vibe- it’s safe to say the results are mind-blowing!

As Lovability co-owner Maureen Pollack said in her interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, it’s much easier to achieve multiple and/or more powerful orgasms once you’ve achieved your first. It might be a blessing or a curse that multiple orgasms exist, considering there may not be an ideal stopping point when you’re having fun. 🙂

Freshening Up

A far overlooked aspect of the bathtub technique is some wonderful vulva self-care. That’s especially true around our period, when we don’t feel as fresh and may be deterred from engaging in pleasure. I find it super time consuming to lay down towels, get blood all over me, clean my toys, and dry them when I just want to masturbate.

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