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Can I Have Sex On My Period?

Posted by Darcy Rae on

Ah, the age-old question desperately searched by numerous women: ‘Can I have sex on my period?’ Well the simple answer is “yes, of course you can have sex on your period.” Even better, there are actually several benefits to having sex whilst on your period. 

When your period arrives, it’s often met with resignation to what lays ahead: several days’ worth of high running emotions, pain, and the general upkeep. It can also bring with it – intended or not – a so-called pause to bedroom activities.

Buy why? Period sex can be quite amazing – plus the fact that increased horniness is super common when you’re on your period! So what’s the big deal?

Can I Have Sex On My Period?

Why is Period Sex Taboo?

There are several reasons why period sex – and periods in general – are thought to be forbidden or unspeakable. Many are steeped in cultural, religious and societal stigmas, even dating back to a time where menstruating women would be made to gather and stay in a separate tent. Fast forward to the marketing of tampons and pads; these were made to be as discreet as possible — because heaven forbid anyone should know that we are on our periods! 

Why is Period Sex Taboo?

Quite simply, the taboo around periods even today means that we often feel like we should avoid any activity, like sex, where our periods can be seen by another person. Because it can seem so messy, it’s also sometimes easier to just not partake. Some people may even feel dirty on their periods or that the mere act of menstruating is dirty in itself.

Spoiler alert: it isn’t!

The Benefits of Period Sex

Because of the increased blood flow, your clit will be more sensitive, and it’s easier to reach a vaginal orgasm! That’s great news for those who struggle to reach orgasm from penetration alone.

The benefits of period sex

It’s also less painful as, to put it mildly, there is more natural lubrication. Many women struggle with painful sex for a number of factors. Having sex whilst on your period is a good way to overcome it. 

Furthermore, the released endorphins of orgasm relieves PMS symptoms. It also eases the pain of cramps which are common during the luteal (second) phase of your period, just after ovulation. The contractions of climax also speed up the process of shedding your uterine lining during your period, shortening the length of your period. Win, win, right?

How Do I Initiate Period Sex?

Chat to your partner! It’s always helpful to have an open communication about sex, especially if you’re nervous about the idea of period sex. There are a few ways to enjoy period sex without worrying about making a mess. Put a towel down to catch any leaks, or take it as an excuse for shower sex. You could also share an intimate moment in the bath. 

Another great option is to use The WaterSlyde by Lovability. The WaterSlyde harnesses the power of water from your bath to both wash and stimulate your vulva – giving you the best of both worlds when you’re on your period! Use it solo as part of a relaxing, pleasure-intentioned bath or with your partner: from arousal to orgasm, you decide how far to go!

The WaterSlyde by Lovability

Isn’t Period Sex Messy?

You can also adjust what positions you use. If you’re on top, it will likely be messier. If that bothers you, try doggy – it’s a great position for limiting the mess and leaks.

But there are also other options if you don’t want to be without any sort of period protection. Softer menstrual cups have been designed so you can enjoy penetrative sex without worrying about any leaks at all. The Ziggy cup from Intima is the first reusable menstrual cup for this very purpose!

Anything Else I Should I Know About Period Sex?

You can still get pregnant while on your period! Sperm can live inside the body for 5-7 days after ejaculation. Just because you’re on your period, doesn’t mean you can forego using a condom. It’s also important to remember that you’re at a higher risk of contracting an STI or STD during this time; the cervix is more open which puts you at a potentially higher risk. So always practice safe sex and use a condom!

About The Author

Based in the UK, Darcy (@dxrcyer on Instagram) is a BA and Master’s by Research graduate in History specializing in medical history. Her work focuses on violence on the body, the evolution of public views on anatomy, and corporeal metaphors through time. This also includes the presentation of the female body and the expectations of female dignity before public execution. Darcy is also a self-taught digital illustrator; this fascination with anatomy is also found in her work which combines messages of body positivity and female empowerment.

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