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How To Use The WaterSlyde | Bathtub Masturbation Tips & Tricks

Posted by Emily Blackwood on

We may be a little (okay, maybe more than a little ūüėČ) biased, but¬†the WaterSlyde¬†is the best thing to happen to bath time since, well, the invention of baths. Made from high-pressure,¬†100% recycled (and recyclable)¬†medical-grade polystyrene, this innovative toy is designed to help you reach new heights of pleasure while enjoying your evening soak.


By acting as a water diverter, the WaterSlyde attaches to your faucet and sends a powerful stream of water right where you want it. No hands, chargers, or batteries required.

Why masturbate with water? Unlike your typical vibrator that delivers strong yet fleeting sensations to specific and small areas, the WaterSlyde allows water to flow over the entirety of your vulva, and therefor your pleasure center. The result? A deep-pressure buildup that leads to some seriously intense orgasms. And because it only uses the ever-changing rhythm of water, you'll enjoy a different self-love sesh every time you use it.


So if you're new to the world of bathtub masturbation, use this quick, step-by-step guide to help you make the most of your new favorite toy.

Step #1: Set the stage.

Like all good playdates, you want to create the vibe first.


How you set the mood is ūüĆ∂, of course, entirely up to you and your preferences. If you're stumped, try out some of our favorite tips for setting the perfect bathroom ambiance:

-- Get rid of any clutter or other visual distractions

-- Dim the lights or turn them off entirely.

-- Light a few scented candles or use essential oils in an oil diffuser.

-- Put on a sexy audiobook or maybe a sultry playlist.

-- Pour yourself a glass of wine.

Step #2: Attach it to your faucet.

With your environment primed for pleasure, it's time to attach the WaterSlyde. Your new toy comes complete with two different attachment options: 


-- A black self-gripping ribbon that you can use to adjust the water’s direction by making it loose or tight.

-- A velcro strap that’s easy to attach, helping to make the WaterSlyde the most disability-friendly sex toy.


Once you‚Äôve picked the one that‚Äôs best for your faucet‚ÄĒand you!‚ÄĒfollow these directions ūüĎá


1. Weave it through the slots located at the top of the toy.

2. Adjust the tightness to your preferred angle of water flow ūüĆä. The higher up you place the WaterSlyde, the longer the water has to drop down. You can also twist the WaterSlyde to play with the angle and direction to find your perfect positioning.

3. If you have a traditional tub spout, make sure the WaterSlyde is far back and tight enough to prevent water from spilling over the sides. You want to keep all your H2O on you.

Step #3: Adjust the water pressure and temperature.

Before you hop into the tub, take a few moments to test the water temperature. Just because you like your baths and showers scalding hot doesn't mean your bathturbation temp should be the same ūü•Ķ. Keep your water lukewarm for both your safety and your pleasure.


The other element you'll want to experiment with is water pressure: 

-- Fiddle with the knob to adjust the water flow. You might be surprised by how your body responds to different flows. 

-- There really isn't a risk of turning the pressure up too high, but we trust you can sense if your H2O is reaching harmful levels of power.

Step #4: Get in a comfortable position.

The idea of being comfortable whilst masturbating with a faucet was straight-up not possible until the WaterSlyde. With this diverter sending water right to the midline of your tub, you can say bye-bye to awkward (and occasionally painful) bathtub yoga ūüßė‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ that puts you at risk of drowning for good.¬†


Here’s how to position yourself if you’re alone:


Lay back as you would if you were taking a regular bath‚ÄĒalbeit with your legs open.¬†

Prop yourself up with a comfy bath pillow if the back of your tub is uncomfy.

Scoot down as little or as much as you'd like.


With the WaterSlyde, you get total control over where the water hits you. So don't be afraid to try a couple of different placements until you find your perfect angle. 


And bathurbation isn't just for singles. You can have your partner sit behind you for the most sensual couples bath or watch you from the edge of the tub for some seriously steamy foreplay ‚ô®ÔłŹ.


Step #5: Sit back, relax, and let it flow.

And that's really all there is to it. Once that faucet is turned on, it's totally up to you how turned on you want to be. The WaterSlyde is great for both stirring up arousal and reaching orgasm. Either way, bathtime just got a lot more fun ūüėé.

WaterSlyde Tips & Tricks For The Best Water Orgasm

Want to make the most of your steamy bath sesh? Try out one (or all) of our tips from¬†Lovability‚Äôs resident Pleasure Queen ūüĎĎ Maureen Pollack.¬†


1. For more direct stimulation, expose the tip of your clitoris by pulling back your hood.

2. Don‚Äôt be afraid to let you‚ÄĒor your partner‚Äôs‚ÄĒfingers wander while letting the water wash over you.

3. Shift the angle of your body to play with different sensations.

4. When you feel the *feeling*, don’t fight it. Let it build.

5. Turn the pressure down. It might be counterintuitive, but teasing yourself with less water can drive you wild.

6. Experiment with incorporating other waterproof toys.

7. Start the water off at a cool temperature and then slowly turn it up‚ÄĒor vice versa! The change in temperature can put you over the top.

8. Loosen the straps to decrease the slope of the water and change where it’s hitting you. Depending on your faucet, you can even rotate the WaterSlyde by a couple degrees.

9. Let the WaterSlyde be your bedroom appetizer. One of the many beautiful things about being a woman is we can have multiple orgasms‚ÄĒand when you have your first, you‚Äôre more likely to have your next much faster.

10. Mutual masturbation can be really fun.

11. Have your partner sit behind you for the most sensual and erotic bath ever. Threesome fantasies, anyone?

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