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Meet The World's Most Disability-Friendly Sex Toy

Posted by Emily Blackwood on

Like so many things in our society, sex toys were not designed with everybody in mind. Traditional pleasuring gadgets like vibrators and dildos are often inaccessible to people with mobility impairments, physical disabilities, or chronic pain. For too long disabled folks have been left out of the conversation and denied something to which every human is entitled: the right to self-pleasure.

The Right To Self-Pleasure

Engaging in sexual activity is an essential part of every person's quality of life, not just the able-bodied. Masturbating comes with a big heaping pile of benefits, from reducing stress and improving your overall mood to making it easier to sleep and boosting your self-confidence.


And yet typical vibrators and dildos require some level of physical dexterity and manual strength that not all of us possess or desire.


Luckily, the collective push to stop demonizing sex and consider sexuality a key component to overall well-being has ignited more interest in accessible sex toys for disabled folks. There are still few and far between compared to the mainstream products, but one simple device that's helping to bridge the gap is the WaterSlyde.


Before we dive into the straight-up pleasure magic this sexy contraption delivers, let's clarify what makes a toy disability-friendly—and what doesn't.

What Makes A Sex Toy Disability-Friendly?

Disability is an umbrella term used to describe an incredibly vast array of impairments and limitations. For the purpose of this piece, we're focusing on physical and mobility-based impairments, as those are the main challenges when it comes to using sex toys.


After all—how can you enjoy a nice self-love sesh if you're incapable of physically operating your device?

While we need sex toys that cater to all kinds of limitations, a disability-friendly pleasure product should have one or more of the following features:


Easy to control: Ideally, the toy should require minimal hand and arm strength to operate. Think a simple button or even a remote control.

Simple setup: It should be easy to get the device up and running without requiring too much effort to place.

Lightweight: The toy should be light enough to lift and maneuver with ease.

Adjustable settings: Plenty of people have different sensitivities, so a toy should allow users to customize the intensity and speed.


Everyone is different in what works for them. That's why it's crucial for all of us to experiment with different combinations of setup and stimulation until we find the right fit—and that right fit might just be the water streaming from your bathtub faucet.

The WaterSlyde: A Disability-Friendly Pleasure Solution

What's been dubbed as "getting head from a mermaid with a thousand tongues," the WaterSlyde is a patented water diverter designed for hands-free pleasure. All you need to do is attach it to your faucet, turn on the tub, and let the powerful stream of water massage and stimulate just the right place.


It's beloved by vagina-havers of all capabilities, including those with disabilities for 3 simple reasons:

Benefit #1: Hands-Free Pleasure

Whether you're super-prone to hand cramping or don't have the physical ability to grip a traditional sex toy, the WaterSlyde is a great way to experience satisfying pleasure with little-to-no effort. No more having to maneuver a vibrator, take on awkward positions while using a dildo, or struggle to hold a shower head in place. With the WaterSlyde, you just literally lay back and relax as the water does all the work.

Benefit #2: Easy Attachment

The WaterSlyde hooks up to your bathtub's faucet with some clever yet simple engineering. Every device comes with two attachments: a self-gripping ribbon and a velcro strap. The strap is particularly nifty for people with limited hand strength; instead of having to twist and tie a knot, you can just pull the strap tight with one hand and get ready for a slippery good time.


The WaterSlyde also doesn't require any additional batteries or charging cords—A.K.A., no more insanely small or difficult-to-open compartments. The less stuff you have to mess with, the more time you have to get down and dirty. One WaterSlyde user, who is an amputee, said she had their partner install the WaterSlyde for them, and then they adjusted the water using their foot. 


“This is a game changer for both my feminine hygiene routine and pleasure rituals,” they wrote. “Thank you for creating this simple yet effect device!”

Benefit #3: No More Bathtub Yoga

If you're familiar with the pleasure power of the faucet, then you're also familiar with the ridiculous contortionist feats necessary to get yourself positioned right. The same goes for a lot of disabled people who have to do extra work to get into the right spot to use traditional sex toys.


The WaterSlyde solves all that by allowing you to lay in a comfortable position and still receive maximum pleasure from your tub's water pressure. It's designed to direct water to the midline of the tub, so you don't have to move to get the right sensation.

Inclusivity Is The Future

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, everyone should be able to access the same options regardless of their physical abilities. There's still a ways to go until we see true inclusivity in the sex toy industry, but products like the WaterSlyde make self-love much more manageable for people with disabilities.


The WaterSlyde is a revolutionary pleasure solution that's both comfortable and easy to use, regardless of your physical limitations. With its simple setup, lightweight design, and hands-free pleasure potential, it's arguably the world's most disability-friendly sex toy. If you're looking for a masturbation toy that caters to your every need, there's no better choice than the WaterSlyde.


So try it out for yourself and see how good it feels...

About The Author


Emily Blackwood is a freelance journalist committed to answering the plaguing question of what makes us truly happy. Turns out, it's a lot. Her work has been published in SELF, HuffPost, and YourTango. You can learn more here.




Medical Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended for educational and informative purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical or professional advice. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional.

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