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Our Senses & Arousal: The Power of Taste

Posted by Babe With The Power on

There’s no denying you’re a snack, babe.

Over time, we can realize the absolute uncanny relation we have between our sexuality and taste with the many ways how taste enhances arousal.  From introducing some well known – and not so well known – aphrodisiac based foods to our “diets”,  to  calling our partners “sweet” or “honey,” to dripping over the taste of your partner’s lips, we can all agree: we want a taste!

5 Tricks To Build Arousal Through Taste

Here are 5 tips to use the power of taste to build arousal:

Taste Each Other

Tasting each other is a great way to enhance and build arousal

The easiest way to explore taste with your partner is simply tasting them. We daydream about kissing or licking our partner all over, and perhaps even biting them as if we’re devouring something incredible. While this is wonderful and can definitely get us aroused, are you ready to step it up a notch? We are.

Closely related to how we experience pheromones in our sense of smell, the taste of our partner’s body and genitals can get us charged. Of course, one of the number one concerns is our own personal taste and smell. Guess what babe? We all have our own unique smell and taste that is totally natural.

Pro Tip: A great way to prep for oral sex is simply rinsing off with some good ol’ h2O. For a little extra fun and relaxation – with or without your partner, use the WaterSlyde to build arousal.

Make Your Dirty Talk Yummy

Before even taking an actual taste, just the sheer word of it can get your partner hot and bothered. Think about incorporating taste into your dirty talk, and how that can rile them up. Tell them what parts of them taste amazing, or how you would like to use your mouth  It’s an incredible way to get both of you aroused and ready for whatever you want to come next.

Guess the Flavor

Blindfolding a partner and guessing what you're feeding them is a great way to stimulate arousal
Erotic play with food is a great way to spice up the bedroom

Want to play a true game of the senses? To heighten your sense of taste, and elevate all of your senses, have your partner blindfold you. Play with having them feed you different things, and how that tastes. Even more adventurous, have your partner put something delicious on their lips and guess what it is after some kisses. We love experimenting with honey, mint, or peppermint to go from “hot” to “cool” flavors and ignite your pleasure journey.

Eat off each other, literally. 

"Yum" - eating yummy foods off your partner's body is a great way to stimulate arousal and build intimacy

Aphrodisiacs are things we consume that sexually turn us on. There are those well known or traditional food turn ons — you’ve heard of them, oysters, champagne, dark chocolate, you get it. But you can also have your own list of foods that get you going. I mean, it’s no coincidence that sometimes we feel we’ve had a sexual experience with our favorite item from a bakery.

Our taste buds are directly linked to our sexual desire and arousal, and you can have them play an active part in sex. Next time you have sex, try experimenting with things like honey, chocolate, whip creamed, or fruit. For example, have your partner place honey on your nipples with the intention of licking it all off. There’s no need to order dessert at dinner this time, babe. 

What will you be tasting? 

Let us know in our Insta DM’s your fave tastes and how taste enhances arousal, and check out the rest of our blog series “Our Senses & Arousal”!

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