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Our Senses & Arousal: The Power of Hearing

Posted by Babe With The Power on

Don’t deny it babe, have you ever heard that one song that makes you want to rip your clothes off and do some down and dirty things? Behold, hearing is calling!

Hearing, alongside our other 4 senses, is critical in the way we experience arousal and sexuality. Whether it be those sexy songs you have saved to hearing some dirty words – we can all find ways to be very, very turned on with the power of our ears.

5 Tips To Boost Arousal With Sound

Here are our fave 5 tips for how to boost arousal by heightening your hearing experience.

Blindfold, Please, To Boost Your Senses

Blindfolding your partner heightens your other senses, such as hearing, boosting arousal

As we highlighted in Our Senses & Arousal: The Power of Sight, dimming one of our senses elevates another. When we take away our sense of sight, for example, our hearing usually goes into falcon mode. Every slight movement and whisper that perhaps would have been previously ignored will be heard. When we can’t see, we rely on our ability to hear to solve the mystery of what is coming – and that creates anticipation, a huge turn on in sex.

Have your partner blindfold you, and guess what their next moves are going to be. Is that a seductive massage candle being lit, or a tin of kissable, tantalizing arousal balm being opened? You can almost feel or taste what’s coming, right?

Dirty Talk – Before, During and After Sex

Talking dirty is one of the most underrated sexual acts. It can take silent, standard sex to something incredibly intense. We recommend talking with your partner beforehand and telling them what kind of dirty talk you want to hear or say, and creating your boundaries from there. To take it a step further, think about role playing- maybe you need some new sexy scripts in your life. A bonus to our 5 tips for how to boost arousal.

Listen to Your Body and Let Out Your Sexy Sounds

Let out your sexy sounds to boost your and your partner's arousal during sex

You heard us, make some noise! Many of us  are taught from a young age that we shouldn’t be vocal during sex or while masturbating. And if we are vocal, we have to force it and sound like a pornstar- WRONG. Letting out our authentic noises, moans, groans, and gasps is super hot for us and our partner. Let it out baby!

Make Sexy Playlists To Get You Going

A sexy playlist is a great way to boost arousal with audio for you and your partner

Blindfolded or not, a sexy playlist always wins. Music during sex is honestly such a vibe: It can influence our attitude, the speed we are going at, and even the context. Are you having slow, romantic sex or intense kinky sex? There’s a song for it all- think of it as your personal sexy music video. 

Make different playlists based on the type of sex you want to have. If it’s a romantic night, play slow tunes that won’t take away from the experience. If you want something rougher, maybe make a playlist with fast-paced music or some dirty lyrics. It’s all up to you and your taste.

Try Audible Erotica To Arouse Your Body

Try audible erotica to boost arousal

Ready to explore erotica? Yes, erotica can be found in hearing form and it’s SAUCY. If you’re not one to watch porn or you simply prefer a new experience, try audible erotica. Let your imagination take you away, and visualize all the juicy goodness of an erotic story. Trust me, your brain is a powerful tool- simply hearing a story can give you all the orgasmic power you need. You can find 1,000’s of erotic stories on Audible.

If you watch porn, try watching with headphones so you can hear every. single. detail. If you’re in a shared space, you might be used to watching porn without the sound. Having the sound back on just might change your pornography experience, since hearing what’s going on on-screen totally changes the experience.

Remember, choosing ethical porn is important – we have plenty of tips to help you make the right choice.

Share Your Favorite Sexy Sounds With Us

After reading our 5 tips for how boost arousal by heightening your hearing experience, what stimulates your sense of hearing? What are those go-to songs, sounds, and scenarios that just set off the sexy inside of you? 


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